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Cricket is not just an exciting game to watch, but it can also provide us with a wide variety of opportunities to make an easy profit. There are always many different international and domestic cricket matches taking place, which means that there is always a match prediction to be made. However, if you happen to be new to the world of online cricket betting, you might find yourself making costly mistakes when it comes to your cricket match predictions. This is where we can help. We will show you how to improve your chances of placing accurate match predictions cricket and will also provide you with quality match predictions and cricket betting tips written by our cricket prediction experts.

Why You Should Read Cricket Match Predictions

We know that there is a good chance that you are sitting there wondering why you should bother yourself to read match predictions. Well, there are many reasons why cricket lovers should take the time to read cricket match predictions, and one of the main ones is they can give you extra insight about a certain match or competition before you go ahead and place any wagers.

Cricket match predictions, especially the ones that you will find on this site of ours, include a lot of information about the teams that are playing, their current form, the pitch, and lots more. It is very handy to have all of the most relevant and best information right at your fingertips without having to trawl through a plethora of cricket match prediction websites until you find what you are searching for.

Whether you are searching for today match predictions or searching for some useful information that will help you with you fantasy cricket prediction, make sure to visit our site regularly for all of the best information and cricket tips today.

Today Cricket Match Forecast: What Type of Info Do We Share?

When yet another cricket match is upon us, many bettors flock to their favourite search engine to ask questions such as:

  • Who will win today?
  • What are the cricket match predictions for today?
  • Who will be the top scorer for their cricket team?
  • Who will take the most wickets for their cricket team?
  • How many runs will be scored in the match?

Unlike other prediction cricket match websites, in our match predictions we will always include the most relevant info to provide you with a starting block for all of your cricket betting needs. We will also always do our best to post our match predictions at least a day before the match is due to start, meaning that you will have more than enough time to mull over your final decisions.

In our cricket predictions, you will find important information about each cricket team, the outcome of their recent games or series, some key players to keep an eye on, our team prediction, and so on. In addition to all of the above, we will also always cover the pitch conditions and the toss prediction. These sections are there to provide you with all the relevant information for the best matches, so if you opt to place a wager on who will win today match, you will have plenty of help when making your final cricket match predictions.

Our cricket predictors absolutely love what they do, and if their cricket predictions help you to win some extra money on the side, while also enjoying a great game of cricket, they will be extremely happy.

Which Cricket Tournaments Do We Make Match Predictions For?

We absolutely love cricket, as can be seen from the fact that we dedicate our whole site to this wonderful sport. We obviously follow Indian cricket the most, but we also cover all of the major cricket events from around the world. We cover everything from domestic cricket matches to all of the biggest tournaments on the international scene, so be sure to bookmark us and come visit us when there are big competitions on that you are fond of. Below you can find the biggest cricket tournaments that we often provide match predictions for.

Indian Premier League (IPL)

What type of cricket match prediction website would we be if we did not provide our visitors with IPL Predictions? One that is not worth visiting, that is for sure. This tournament has become one of the biggest T20 competitions in the world, and any cricket match prediction that is worth their salt will provide match predictions when it is on.

This competition was created by the BCCI, and it is played each year in the months of March, April, and May. However, the 2020 IPL took place in September, October, and November due to the pandemic situation, and it was held in the United Arab Emirates instead of India. The 2021 edition started in April, but it was stopped halfway through as a number of players started to test positive, and it was finished in the UAE in September and October. The 2022 season is scheduled to start on the 2nd of April, and we hope there are no delays this time around.

There will be ten teams from across India fighting it out for the right to be crowned champions. There used to be eight teams, but two additional teams were added for this season, which is great for us cricket lovers as it means that there are more games for us to make match predictions for, giving us more chances to win some extra money. The 2022 season will give us 74 games to enjoy and do a spot of cricket betting on.

The format for the 2022 IPL is different to the previous seasons. The ten teams will be split equally into two groups, and during the group stage each cricket team will play 14 matches, playing the other four sides in their group twice, once at home and once away, four teams from the other group once and the remaining team twice. The top four teams will then qualify for the Play-Off Stages.

T20 World Cup

When it comes to international cricket, it is fair to say that the T20 World Cup is one of the most popular competitions. This event sees the ICC's ttop ten ranked cricket teams in the world and six other teams from a T20 World Cup Qualifier competition lock horns and compete for the right to call themselves the best T20 side in the world.

Although there are 16 teams at the moment, the format will change in 2024 and 20 teams will take part instead. Once again, this is awesome news for all of us because not only will we get more entertaining cricket to watch, but it will also allow us to provide you with more T20 World Cup predictions, giving us more chance to help you earn a little bit of extra money.

At this current moment in time, the format means that the top eight teams automatically qualify for the Super 12s Stage, while the six qualifiers and the two teams ranked 9th and 10th enter a Preliminary stage. This stage is split into two groups of four and the cricket team that finished first ad second in each group will qualify for the Super 12s. The Super 12s Stage is split into two groups of six, and the cricket team that finishes first and second in each group will qualify for the semi-finals.

When four more teams are added, the format will change and the 20 teams will be split into four groups. The national cricket team that finishes top and second in each group will advance to the Super Eights stage, which will see the eight sides split into two groups of four. The national cricket team that comes first and second in both groups will advance to the semi-finals.

The next T20 World Cup will take place in Australia from the 16th of October until the 13th of November 2022, and the hosts will be looking to retain the title that they won in the UAE in 2021. Be sure to visit us when this competition is taking place as we are going to have loads of predictions cricket betting for you.

The Big Bash League

The Big Bash League is a T20 competition that is played in Australia. There is a men and women's Big Bash League, and both of them include eight teams, with each team playing each other twice, and the top five teams advancing to the play-off stages. The whole competition is made up of 61 matches, which gives us plenty of games to make match predictions for, and gives you plenty of chances, if you wish, for a spot of BBL betting.

While the Big Bash League is not as popular as the Indian Premier League, it is still a competition that draws in plenty of cricket lovers from around the world. This is because some of the best T20 players from around the world play in this tournament, so there is plenty of talent for you to bet on. If you are ever in Australia when the Big Bash League is being played, we recommend that you go and watch a match live if you get the chance to.

The Perth Scorchers is the most successful team in this competition, having won the title on four separate occasions. The Sydney Sixers are the next most successful side, having won the cup three times. Four other teams have won it once and these are the Adelaide Strikers, Brisbane Heat, Melbourne Renegades, and Sydney Thunder.

The Ashes

The Ashes is a Test series between England and Australia, which is one of the oldest rivalries in the cricketing world. There is no love lost between these two nations, which is why the five-match series is such an entertaining one to watch. Although, if truth be told, the recent series that finished 4-0 to Australia was not that entertaining because it was too one-sided. The England national cricket team is going through a transition at the moment, so it was not that surprising that they were beat so badly.

To date, there has been 72 Ashes series played, and Australia are leading the way with 34 wins to England's 32. Whenever there is an Ashes series on, you can count on us to offer up some enthralling cricket match predictions. The next series is scheduled to be played in England in 2023 during the months of July, August and September, so be sure to pay us a visit for some very useful cricket betting tips, if you fancy taking a chance on Ashes betting.

The World Cup

Another big international cricket tournament is the World Cup, which is a 50-over tournament that sees 10 teams battle it out for the right to call themselves the best one day team in the world. The current World Champions are England, as they beat New Zealand on a boundary count in the 2019 final - what a match that was and we will never forget the commentary from Ian Smith during the Super Over.

The format of this World Cup is pretty simple to say the least - each team plays everyone once, meaning that cricket teams, top sides in ICC cricket ranking, play 9 matches, and the teams that finish in the top four will advance to the semi-finals of the World Cup. The next World Cup is scheduled for 2023 and will be played in India during the months of October and November, and we really cannot wait for it. When the time rolls around, check back with us because our experts will be putting their knowledge to the test and will be providing plenty of cricket betting tips for it.

The most successful team in the history of this competition is Australia as they have lifted the title five times. India and the West Indies have won it twice, while England, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka have won it once.

Pakistan Super League

The Pakistan Super League, also known as the PSL, is a T20 competition that usually takes place in Pakistan each year between the months of February and March. Although, the 2022 edition of this tournament was played from the 27th of January until the 27th of February. This is a relatively new competition since it was founded back in 2015 by the Pakistan Cricket Board.

The format of Pakistan Super League is pretty straightforward since the six teams that take part are all put into one group where they will play each other twice, meaning that each team will play 10 matches in the Group Stage. Once all of the matches have been played, the top four teams advance to the Play-Offs stage. Islamabad United are the most successful team to date since they have won the title twice, while the Karachi Kings, Multan Sultans, Peshawar Zalmi, and Quetta Gladiators have all won the title once.

When the next Pakistan Super League rolls around, we suggest that you pop along here to pay us a visit because our today cricket match prediction writers will do their best to provide you with some quality cricket betting tips for PSL betting that will hopefully land you a bit of extra money.

Bangladesh Premier League

The Bangladesh Premier League is Bangladesh's biggest T20 tournament, and although it is not as big as the Indian Premier League, for example, there is still plenty of entertainment to be had from betting on it. If you have never watched any of it before, we really recommend that you do so when the next edition rolls around, which should be in January and February of 2023.

The Bangladesh Premier League is made up of six teams, and the format is very simple to follow. Every participating cricket team plays the other five teams twice, with the four teams that finish in the top four advancing to the Play-Off stage for the right to partake in the final and win the trophy.

The most successful teams in the Bangladesh Premier League are the Comilla Victorians and the Minister Dhaka as they have lifted the title on three occasions. The Rajshahi Royals and the Rangpur Rangers have both won the title once. Whenever the Bangladesh Premier League is being played, we will definitely provide you with some cricket match predictions for the best matches. So, if you are considering BPL betting, be sure to check out what our experts have to say.


Why We Are One of the Top Match Prediction Sites

We are not trying to blow our own trumpet when tell you that our match predictions are some of the best that are available for free on the Internet. We have a high success rate with our cricket predictions due to the fact that we have hired cricket experts that love everything about the sport. To say that our cricket match prediction writers adore cricket would be the understatement of the century. They live and breathe this sport, so you can be certain that you can find the best information on our site.

However, while we would love it if our cricket match predictions were correct all of the time, our cricket betting experts cannot see into the future when making a match prediction, so if you read their preview of a cricket game and place a bet according to what you read and it goes on to be a losing one, please do not place all of the blame on our today cricket match prediction writers. If they could get every single prediction right, they would not be writing for us, they would be sipping a Pina Colada on an exotic beach somewhere.

One thing that we can guarantee you though is that our writers are just as upset as you are when they make a match prediction that ends up being a wrong one.

Prediction Factors We Take into Consideration When Making a Cricket Match Prediction

Match predictions are not always simple to make since there are a number of factors that can have an impact on the outcome of a cricket game. From previous history between the sides to weather conditions, pitch conditions, and injuries are all different variables that can have a big impact on who wins the match. When we are writing our detailed cricket match predictions, we will take all of the above into account so that we can provide you with a match prediction that is worth your time reading.

Below we are going to take a closer look at what it is that you can expect to find in our match predictions.

Team Previews

This is a very important part of our cricket match predictions as we cover all the most important information regarding both teams. This includes coverage such as whether any key players are injured and the form that they are in, and we will chuck in any other general cricket news that we think will be beneficial to our cricket predictions.

It is also very important to see how potential partnerships can be built and what the strengths and weaknesses are in the batting and bowling unit. We will name key players that we recommend you keep an eye on, along with a number of markets where we predict certain players might excel in. Our today cricket match markets for certain players are based off a variety of factors, mostly taking into account the form of the player.

Toss Prediction

In cricket, the coin toss is crucial as it dictates the team that will bat first and the team that will bowl first. Of course, this is a 50/50 decision, so we do not offer predictions on whether it will be a heads or tails. However, what we do in our match predictions is to try to guess what will happen once a captain has won the toss.

The winning captain will opt to bat or field first depending on a number of factors such as the pitch that the game is going to be played on, the weather conditions at the time of the toss, whether there are any changes to their team, and past results at the venue. For instance, if the team that has won the toss has gone on to win when batting first more often than not, then this will play on the captain's mind when he has to make a decision.

Pitch Report

The pitch is something that can end up having a huge impact on a match and any today cricket match prediction website that is serious about what they do will make sure to pay attention to this. The pitch has the ability to drive the result of a match, depending on the conditions, and it can change drastically throughout a game, especially in the Test format. For example, at the start of a Test match a pitch might be flat and quite easy to bat on, but as the match moves towards day 5, it can start to wear and cracks can appear, bringing the bowlers into play.

What makes cricket really entertaining to watch is the fact that every pitch is unique and produces various amounts of grass cover, seam, bounce, and flatness. Some players will thrive in particular conditions and will struggle greatly in others, and it is often fascinating to watch players try to adapt to the strange conditions when playing away from home.

Also, the weather forecast is another important factor to take into account when you are making your match predictions. While the majority of outside sports are impacted by the weather, we do not think that we are exaggerating when we tell you that cricket is impacted like no other sport. Cricket cannot be played in the rain since the pitch will be ruined if it gets soggy, and if a match is an afternoon/night one, then dew can form in the evening, which makes it harder for the team bowling second. We talk a bit more about this in the following section.

Our Match Prediction

In the final section of our match preview, we will tell you who we predict will go ahead and win the game as well as the reason why we predict that this will happen. When you are reading our cricket match predictions, please do not just jump to this part as you will be missing out on some other top cricket betting tips.

Why is the Weather Such a Huge Deal for a Match Prediction?

Since the weather has a huge impact on a cricket match, we decided that it would be a good idea to dedicate a whole section to it. Below we are going to have a look at the different effects that the weather can course.

Good conditions: These are obviously the optimal conditions for a game of cricket, with a pitch that is not too dry being helpful to both the fielders and batsmen. When the conditions are ideal, do not be too surprised if you end up seeing a high scoring game of cricket with plenty of runs.

Sunny: When the sun is hot and intense it can lead to a cracked pitch, which makes it harder for the batsmen to judge the bounce and spin of the ball. If the bowler bowls the ball and lands it in a crack, it can alter the flight of the ball considerably, leading to the batsmen getting a nick and being caught in the slips or missing the ball completely and being bowled. Spin bowlers love to bowl in such conditions as it greatly improves their chances of picking up wickets.

Overcast: When it is grey with a lot of clouds about, it is a paradise for swing bowlers and a complete nightmare for batsmen. In such conditions, which are very common in places such as England and New Zealand, the ball can swing around corners, and batsmen can struggle to lay a bat on the ball. Wickets are not hard to come by when the conditions are like this.

So, as we have shown, the weather can have a huge impact on a match, so this is why we always take it into consideration when we are making a match prediction.

Some Great Cricket Betting Tips

To improve your odds of being successful when making cricket match predictions on today's match, there are some useful cricket betting tips that you should keep in mind. You can put all of the following information below to good use when you are making a cricket match prediction on any of these worldwide competitions. If you want more tips like the ones below, then feel free to head on over to our cricket betting tips page.

Watch as Much Cricket as Possible

Okay, so we understand that this might seem like an obvious thing to say for most of you, but we just think that it is a really good idea to restate its importance. Looking at astrology can be interesting, but it will not help you when it comes to making a match prediction on a cricket event.

Doing your research on what has happened in the past really is one of the best strategies to have when you are betting on cricket. Of course, we know that more research does not necessarily lead to more such with your cricket match predictions, but it definitely does put you in a much better position than someone who is a complete beginner and does not do their own research.

Any bets that you go ahead and make should be based on the research that you have carried out, meaning that you should keep a close eye on the players, teams, and general news about the event that you are going to be betting on. All of this will help you to give a better account of yourself when you make a cricket match prediction on big events.

Look at Player Statistics

It is always a wise move to check the average runs that a player has scored and their strike rate. If they have a really good average and a high strike rate, then you can classify them as a good bet for being the highest scorer in a limited-overs game. However, if they player that you look at has a low average and a high strike rate, then you should avoid them as this info suggests that they like to hit a few massive shots and then get themselves out.

Additionally, you can also find stats that will provide you with a solid idea as to how certain players perform against seam and spin bowlers, and this can improve your cricket match predictions. For instance, if you are looking at making a bet on a particular batsman to score a half-century in a game, you should see what kind of bowler they prefer facing. If they struggle when coming up against spin, then check if their opponents have a really good spinner. If they do, then place your cash on a player that is top-quality player of spin.

Also, remember to check the form of a player as well - if they have been really struggling with the bat lately, it is wise not to bet on them because it is likely that you will just be throwing cash away. When you are making a match prediction, it is wise to put your cash on a player that is in form and has been scoring plenty of runs in recent games.

Learn How to Find Value from In-Play Action

In-play cricket, also known as live cricket, is an awesome way to win some decent cash sums, but it is very important that you pay close attention to cricket betting tips, so that you can select your bets wisely. For instance, is the batsman who has just come into bet known for scoring quickly. If yes, then putting a bet on how much runs will be scored in the next over could well be worth a shout.

Or are wickets falling at an alarming rate? Batsmen are at their most vulnerable when they have just started to bat, so if there are two new batsmen at the crease, it might be a wise move to make a team prediction that a wicket will go down in the following over.

know the Main Differences Between the Major Cricket Formats

It is not always realistic or possible to be an expert on all main cricket events. From the Indian Premier League to the T20 World Cup to The Ashes, there are some key differences that you need to know about as they can impact match predictions and the way that bettors make bets.

Below you can see the three formats of cricket that is played at international level:

T20 Internationals: Twenty20 cricket is one of the newer formats of cricket, and it provides us with a fast and short version of the game. It is safe to say that it has been really successful at increasing the popularity of cricket across the globe as it is a really entertaining format of the game. Both teams are given 20 overs each to score as many runs as they can, which is why the batsmen all do their best to smash the ball out of the stadium. Another reason why these matches are loved is because one good or bad over can completely change the complexion of the game.

One Day Internationals: This is a longer format than T20 cricket because each team gets 50 overs to bat instead of just the 20 overs. Since teams have more overs to play with, they are able to blend speed and skill with technique, which is something that is not that possible with T20Is. Although there is not as many lusty hits in this format when compared to T20, it is still highly entertaining to watch and there has been some amazing innings over the last few years.

Test cricket: This is considered by many cricket fans to be the traditional format of the game, and is the longest one since a match lasts five days, with each days having a minimum of 90 overs. Since these matches re so long, teams and players have to show technique and endurance to succeed, and also have to contend with various weather conditions. When it comes to our match predictions for Test cricket, then can sometimes go slightly awry as there are many factors that can pop up and unexpectedly affect the outcome.

Cricket Betting Odds: What Are They?

cricket prediction cricket prediction

Cricket betting odds can be quite confusing at times, especially for those who have never made any kind of cricket match prediction before. When you are looking at odds, you need to understand whether they offer any value for money. Thankfully, it is not too tricky to work out if the odds that are on offer are valuable or worth your attention.

Knowing how to do this is something that helps up to select the betting sites for cricket that are offering odds that provide the best value when it comes to making cricket match predictions. It is safe to say that our IPL match predictions are the most sought-after when this competition is being played.

How Do Cricket Odds Work?

Cricket odds, like the odds for any other type of sport, are a way of showing the probability that a certain outcome will happen. To make things clearer for you, we will provide you with an example match prediction.

Let us say that England and playing Australia in the the Ashes at the Home of Cricket, Lord's in London, England. The online sports betting site that you have an account with has provided you with odds of 4/1 for England to win.

So, what chances is that betting site really giving to England? Well, it is very simple to work it out for this match prediction. You can use the following calculation to determine the implied chance of winning that England has according to your bookmaker:

1/(4 + 1) x 100 = 20

As you can see from the equation above, all you need to do is divide 1 by the two numbers that are present in your odds and then multiply by a hundred. Thus, the above calculation shows that this bookie gives England a 20% chance of going on to beat Australia.

Do Your Research Yesterday for an Accurate Today Match Prediction

Now, let us imagine that you have done your research, and you have realised that two of Australia's best bowlers will not be playing in the match because they have slight injuries. Additionally, you study some recent matches from England and see that they average 350 from the last eight innings. With such information available to you, it is not that far-fetched to make a match prediction that England have a higher chance of winning than what the bookie's odds are suggesting. In other words, you have found yourself a value bet because the chances of a certain event happening is higher than what the bookie predicts.

With the hypothetical example from above, we predict that odds on offer for an England win should be lower than what is on offer. However, instead of sitting here and complaining about it, we are going to take full advantage of the sports betting site's ignorance and place a bet that England will beat Australia.

We suggest that you always take a bit of time to calculate the probability so that you can find the value bets. Now that you know all about spotting a value bet, you can put your newfound knowledge to the test on these Indian competitions.

How to Use Cricket Betting Predictions to Make More Successful Bets?

Let us now take our cricket betting one step further. So, we have come to realise that we have located a value bet for England to win against Australia. So, if our cricket match prediction is right and they go on to win the match, how much would we end up winning? Well, let us pretend that we have made a match prediction and have placed 2,000 Indian rupees on England to be victorious - remember that you should never deposit more money in your sportsbook account than you can afford to potentially lose.

Indian Rupees with Odds

So, the returns for a 2,000 Indian rupees bet with a price of 4/1 is simple to figure out for our match prediction. If our bet was right, we would receive ₹8000, which also includes out stake. However, if the odds are, for instance, 13/4, it can be trickier to work out.

The easiest and best way to do so is to change the fractional odds into decimal ones. This can be done by simply dividing those numbers in the fraction and then adding a one. Check out the example below for more clarity:

13/4 + 1 = 4.25

So, what would we win if we stuck ₹2000 on England to win in our cricket match prediction, and they went on to do exactly that? Well, all we would have to do is times our odds by the stake:

₹2000 x 4.25 = ₹8500

So, in this case, if our today match guess is correct, we will end up walking away with a profit of ₹6500. We are not telling you that you have to be some kind of maths genius to predict games, but where you take some time to calculate the odds and the potential returns, it will be much easier for you to gauge whether we have unearthed a hidden gem. You can find plenty of hidden treasures when you are making cricket match predictions on the following foreign cricket events..

What is Handicap Betting?

Sometimes you might encounter a today cricket match where one team is dominating completely or is the favourite to win by the proverbial country mile. In such cases, the majority of bookmakers will give you a handicap option so that you can make things a little more interesting for a cricket match prediction. You want to use any money that you deposit wisely, and making a bet where you stand to win a tiny profit against a big stake is really not worth the risk.

Cricket handicaps are pretty simple, but they do differ to the handicaps that you find in other popular sports such as football or rugby. With such sports, the handicap is easily applied because the game starts at 0-0 and both teams have a chance to score at any time. However, with regard to 20 and 50 over cricket, a victory can happen in two different ways. The team that bats first can win the match by a number of runs or the side that bats second can win by a number of wickets. The team that is batting first can make a big difference to the predicted target score, which will make it really difficult for bookies to provide accurate handicap odds.

Thus, with a limited-overs cricket match, the bookies will usually assign a handicap after a team has finished batting since this gives them the chance to assign a run-based handicap for the team that is batting second.

Let us take a look at a match prediction example for a handicap bet:

Let's pretend that India are playing their rivals Pakistan in a 50-over match and Pakistan batted first and have scored 340. During the break before India's reply, the bookie assigns a +35.5 handicap for India and a -35.5 handicap for Pakistan. So, if we were to bet on today match and put our cash on India to be victorious, we would just need them to score at least 306 in order for our bet to be successful.

With regard to Test cricket or matches played at a World Cup, sports betting sites very rarely offer a straight up handicap. Instead, they will offer a similar market which is called margin of victory. Once the fourth and last innings of a Test match is underway and the winning target is known, the bookie can then create a margin of victory market for both teams. The team that is bowling will be able to win by a certain number of runs, while the team that is batting can win by a certain number of wickets. This will definitely make making a match prediction a lot more fun.

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Freedom Series - South Africa v India: 3rd ODI Match PredictionWill India manage to pull of a consolation win, or will South Africa complete a 3-0 drubbing?
West Indies vs England: 3rd T20I Match PredictionHow will England fare against the West Indies? Will they improve their form?
West Indies vs England: 4th T20I Match PredictionWill the West Indies seal the T20I series on Saturday? Or will England take it to a decider?
India vs West Indies: 1st ODI Match PredictionWest Indies travel to India to play them in three ODI matches, but who will go on to win the first match of the series?
India vs West Indies: 2nd ODI Match PredictionIndia will play their second ODI against the West Indies, and this is our betting tip on who will win the match.
India vs West Indies: 3rd ODI Match PredictionIndia will play their third ODI against the West Indies, and this is our tip on who will win the match.
India v West Indies: 1st T20I Match PredictionAfter losing all three ODIs, the West Indies now plays India in three T20I matches. Will they fare better in this format?
India v West Indies: 2nd T20I Match PredictionThe West Indies lost the first T20I match, but will they manage to take the series to a decider by winning this one? This is our prediction.
India v West Indies: 3rd T20I Match PredictionThe series is a dead rubber now that India have won the first two matches, but the West Indies will want to finally get a win on their tour of India. Will they manage?
India v Sri Lanka: 1st T20I Match PredictionThe India cricket team will take on Sri Lanka in a three-match T20I series. This is who we predict will win the first match of the series:
India v Sri Lanka: 2nd T20I Match PredictionTeam India took a 1-0 lead in the 3 match T20I series against Sri Lanka. This is our prediction of who will win the second match.
India v Sri Lanka: 3rd T20I Match PredictionIndia have an unassailable 2-0 lead in the series, but will they make it a whitewash and win 3-0, or will Sri Lanka manage a victory? Find out here.
India v Sri Lanka: 1st Test Match PredictionTeam India are playing Sri Lanka in a two-match Test series, and this is our prediction of will go on to win the first match of the series.
India v Sri Lanka: 2nd Test Match PredictionTeam India will take on Sri Lanka in the second and final Test of the series, and this is who we predict will win this cricket match.
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Final Cricket Prediction Thoughts

Whether you are thinking about making match predictions on the Indian Premier League, the Big Bash League, The Ashes, or some other great cricket tournament, it can be very useful to check out our today cricket match advice as they can help you place more confident wagers. We are a top-quality cricket betting tips website with one main aim - share our expert opinions and help increase your chances of winning. Now, while we cannot guarantee that our cricket betting tips will lead to a win all of the time, what we can guarantee you is that we will always put 100% into the match predictions that we provide you with.

Whether you are a cricket betting novice or have some experience under your belt, our cricket match predictions and cricket betting tips can be useful to everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions about Today's Match Prediction

How Do You Predict a Cricket Match?

There is not a fool-proof way that you can predict everything that will occur in a game of cricket. If it was possible, we would all be making millions with our match predictions. We would all just deposit our life savings, make a match prediction that we know will come true, and watch the fortune roll in. However, since we do not live in this ideal world, we have to come up with other ways to maximize our match prediction success, and we are now going to quickly go over the main ones.

Knowledge is absolutely vital! Understanding as much as you can about the teams that are playing and keeping up with all of the relevant news will provide you with the best opportunity to make successful match predictions. When it comes to cricket betting tips, you also cannot go wrong with making sure that you understand cricket odds and markets. At betting sites, you can see what the bookies predict about a match by looking at their odds on offer, and then you can use these to your advantage when making cricket match predictions.

What is the Best Match Prediction Site?

Cricket is fast becoming a favourite sport for many, so now there are plenty of sites that offer their readers their own cricket betting tips and match predictions for upcoming matches. However, you need to be well aware of the fact that not every match prediction site is a quality one. We can confidentially and honestly say that we deliver in our main aim of providing the best cricket match predictions because our cricket experts have years of experience under their belts. Whether you are search for match predictions for Test matches or huge tournaments such as the Indian Premier League, we are the best place to go.

What is the Best Prediction App for Cricket?

This is not an easy question for us to answer as it depends on the type of experience that you are looking for. Sites such as 22Bet, 10Cric, and Betway all have top-quality mobile apps where you can find their up-to-date match predictions for all of the best cricket matches and events. All of these apps come with an easy-to-use interface, which is not only great for checking all of the odds, but it will not distract you if you like to make in-play cricket wagers. Also, you will find a god variety of deposit and withdrawal options, so you will not feel limited.

Again, since it is not possible to entirely predict a game, each betting site will have their own experts who adore cricket, so their match predictions we be based on years of expertise and knowledge.

How Do I Win a Cricket Bet?

The keyword here is research, and plenty of it. This is one of the most, if not the most, important factors when it comes to winning a match prediction. It would be great to know everything about cricket right away, but some things in life take plenty of time, and cricket research fits into that category. Of course, we must highlight that more research does not always translate into more wins, but you will definitely be putting yourself in a much better position than someone who does not bother to do their research.

Before you go ahead and make your match predictions, take into consideration factors such as the pitch conditions, weather conditions, the form of a team, any changes they are likely to make, and their recent record against their opponents. By doing this, you will be given yourself the best shot of placing correct cricket match predictions.

Who Will Win Today's Match?

Wouldn't it be great if we could tell who was going to win today's match? Seriously, if we could see into the future and know exactly what was going to happen next in a cricket match, we would be really happy because we would be able to make our readers very happy with our 100% correct match predictions. However, this is not possible, unfortunately, but armed with a great team of cricket betting experts, we aim to provide as accurate cricket match predictions as possible. Of course, there will be times where we miss the mark by a long shot, but we always aim to provide cricket betting tips and match predictions that we stand by.

Do You Offer a Premium Service?

We are extremely passionate about sharing our cricket expertise and knowledge and want to reach as many cricket fans as we possibly can. Thus, we do not offer a premium service since with do not think that it would be fair to keep cricket betting tips and match predictions from non-paying customers. We are happy to make use of this platform to connect with other cricket lovers and are perfectly happy to offer our expertise and opinions completely free of charge.

Who Writes the Cricket Betting Tips?

We have a fully dedicated team of cricket experts that work very hard to bring you nothing but quality cricket match predictions, that will hopefully help you to win a bit of extra cash. Everyone who writes for this site is a die-hard cricket fan, and we all live and breathe this wonderful sport. If we could spend all of our time watching cricket, then it is safe to say that this is exactly what we would do.

Why Was Your Last Cricket Prediction Wrong?

While all of our writers do their best to provide match predictions that are accurate, you need to keep in mind that they are humans as well. They do not have superhuman powers that allow them to predict everything correctly, otherwise they would be traveling the world with millions in their bank accounts. The nature of gambling is that sometimes you are correct, and sometimes you are wrong, and this is what makes it so enticing to millions of people around the world. We are glad to be able to say that we are right more often than we are wrong.

What is the Best Site for Online Betting?

This is another tricky question that we cannot give a definite answer to. It is one of those questions that you will get a different answer to depending on who you decide to ask. The best betting site for one cricket bettor is not necessarily the best one for another cricket bettor. This is why it is best if you know what is important to you before you go ahead and start looking for a betting site to make your match predictions with. You need to take into consideration a number of factors such as betting markets, bonuses, ease of use, payment options, and customer support.

At the end of the day, the best bookmaker for online sports betting is one that is really reliable, has competitive odds, and can be trusted. It is important to also find a sportsbook that clearly displays their licensing information, just so that you can certain that they are a legitimate place to bet at.