Betting advice for Cricket: 9 Tips to Win at Cricket Betting

Online Cricket Betting is a risky way to pass the time while making a bit of money on the side. However, if you gamble sensibly online, it can make the sport a lot more fun. In this cricket betting guide, we will give you nine betting tips that will help improve your cricket gambling experience.

1 - Choose the Best Cricket Betting Site

There are many betting sites for cricket available in India for you to choose from. Picking the right one can be a difficult decision that requires a lot of thought into many factors surrounding the way the betting site works, including: its banking options, free bets and customer service. However, this site has been created to help you out and you can find out which to choose from in our regularly updated guide of the best betting sites for cricket.

2 - Do Your Team Research

how to win cricket betting how to win cricket betting

When it comes to betting on a team to win, you need to look at more than how many games they have won recently. You also need to look at how they have played in those games. For example, if they have swiped their opponents off the field in their last five matches, then they are clearly in great form and placing a bet on them to win would be a wise decision.

That probably the best cricket betting tips that you'll read online. However, if they have been extremely lucky, you should think about betting on some other team because, as we all know, luck always runs out in the end. You also should take a look at the players that are participating in the match as well as the type of pitch that they are going to be playing on. Some players can play on any surface, whereas many others struggle on particular surfaces. So, if you are thinking of placing a bet such as top runscorer or wicket-taker in the match, then you should take a closer look at the stats of those players that are interesting you. All the information that you require can be found on the Internet quite easily, so it is not like it will a hardship to find the information you require. Making this extra effort can go a long way to increase your chances of winning when betting.

3 - The Bookmaker’s Favourite Doesn’t Always Win

This might seem like an obvious thing for us to point out, but you will be surprised by how many people bet on a team to win just because the sportsbook they are using has them as firm favourites. Here's a good example of this. When Sri Lanka took on England at the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup, the sportsbooks had England as firm favourites. This made sense as England have a fantastic ODI team and were playing at home. The odds for a Sri Lanka win increased, even more, when England bowled them out for 232. Events like that also happen in compatitions such as IPL, that's why we propose you read our IPL predictions before every game.

However, the bookmakers forgot about the quality of Lasith Malinga and the pressure of chasing in a World Cup. Sri Lanka, thanks to Malinga's 4 wickets for 43 runs, stunned the eventual winners of the competition and won by 20 runs. So, it is not always a good idea to bet on a team just because the bookmakers believe they will win easily. Sport is always throwing up shocks, so every now and then it is okay to bet on the underdog. However, research, once again, is important here.

4 - Don't Just Make Use of Just One Bookmaker

In the betting world, loyalty is something that is deeply respected. Due to the competitiveness of this sector, companies will always do their best to ensure that you only bet with them. They will do this by using loyalty schemes or providing you with regular interesting promotions. However, you shouldn't let them make you believe that it is wrong to bet at a number of betting sites for cricket. There are many odds checker sites out there that will show you which bookmakers have the best odds for the market or sports that you are interested in.

The Best Bookmakers to win Cricket Betting

"It is perfectly fine to sign up to a number of bookmakers so that when you want to bet on a particular event you can go to the one that is offering the best odds."

5 - Fewer Bets Equal a Better Chance of Winning

This might seem like common sense, but it is actually something that punters often forget. If you are placing bets in order to make money, you need to think small. Three or four selections is definitely more than enough for one accumulator. If you often place 20-fold accumulators, you really are just throwing your money down the drain. Okay, the potential returns might be very enticing, but the odds of you winning such a bet are extremely slim. It is a known fact that sportsbooks lose the most money from single bets. A very extreme example that we can give is some rich punter placing 500,000 Indian rupees on a team to win with odds of 4/6. If this team won, the sportsbook will have to make 333,000 Indian rupees just to cover that single bet. If you do your research, you can feel relatively comfortably sticking 1,000 to 2,000 Indian rupees on one outcome. If you want to take a risk, go for a treble or quadruple, but no more.

6 - Never Fluff an Accumulator Using Odds-on Favourites

It is never a good idea to fluff out an accumulator with odds-on markets. The risk is simply just not worth it. In fact, you are just decreasing your odds of winning for barely an extra profit. This is something that is really tempting to do in cricket. For example, let's say the Cricket World Cup is on and most of the favourites are all playing teams that they are expected to beat. It might seem like a fantastic idea to stick them together in an accumulator alongside some other trickier bets to boost your odds and get some easy cash, but it rarely ever works out that way. Those who have been gambling a long time will be happy to tell you that it is usually always the teams that are expected to win that mess up an accumulator. You are always better off doing some research and finding a few trickier options that still have a very good chance of happening.

7 - Always Take a Look at the Less Obvious Cricket Betting Markets for Win Opportunities

Yes, it's that word research again. Once you have done enough homework, you really should know the ins and outs of cricket well enough in order to be able to locate valuable odds in the plethora of different markets that bookmakers provide. Some might say that having many different markets is just the sportsbook's way of giving you more ways to lose money, but we see it as a means to win more bets. For instance, you might not be comfortable sticking money on Australia to beat England in a test match. These two teams are evenly matched, so it isn't easy to predict which team will win. We're however still here to help you thanks to our predictions of today's match. But a bit of research will reveal that Steve Smith is currently the best test batsman in the world. Therefore, betting on him to finish the match with this most runs is a pretty safe bet to say the least. Furthermore, these types of bets often come with good odds as it isn't that easy to predict.

8 - Bet with Your Head, Not With Your Heart

You probably want your team to be victorious. In fact, you might want them to win so badly that you start to convince yourself that it is actually quite possible and, then bang, you’ve put some money on them to win. Here you have bet with your heart, not with your head. Bookmakers love this as they rake in lots of money each year from sports fans betting on their team to win. Therefore, before you bet on your team to win, take a moment to think about it. Realistically, what chances does your team have of winning the game? If you conclude that it is very unlikely, you should take your money and bet on something else. We also recommend that you avoid placing bets on games between close rivals. This is because, as they say, form goes out the window in such matches. The fact that there is more at stake seems to galvanise the players so that they can receive extra pride and honour. Anyway, if you don’t bet on your team and they do actually go on to make a surprising win, you might have lost some money, but you have the great consolation that your team has won against the odds. We don’t know about you, but that is certainly good enough for us. You don't like these advices and you want to live a crazy moment? Try our guide about toss prediction and prepare yourself for a rollercoaster of emotions.

9 - Choose Your Betting Moment

Odds change regularly, so it isn’t always easy to know when you should place your bets. Our advice here is to place your bet when you come across odds that you are happy to accept. If you place a bet in advance and then you realise the odds have increased the following day, don’t moan about it as there is nothing that you can do to change it. If you're not really sure about your bet and your emotions, take a bit of time and read some pages of our cricket betting website. You were happy enough to accept the odds the day before, so an increase in odds is something that you shouldn’t let annoy you. Just enjoy your winnings if your bet turns out to be correct.


Can You Make Money in Cricket Betting?

Yes, is the definite answer to question. In fact, when it comes to sports betting, cricket betting is something that gives you a really good chance of winning some extra money because there are so many different markets that you can bet on. When it comes to markets, the only sport that has more at the majority of bookmakers is football which is not surprising since this is the most popular sport in the world. When there are plenty of markets to bet on, you can concentrate on those that you know well,

Which is the Best Cricket Prediction Site?

Due to how popular cricket is nowadays, there are many websites out there that offer their readers predictions for a variety of matches. However, just like with sports betting sites, not all cricket prediction sites have been created equally. When it comes to quality cricket prediction sites, we are not being biased when we tell you that ours is one of the best around. We will provide you with detailed cricket predictions for all of the biggest Test matches and the best cricket tournaments such as the Indian Premier League.

How Do You Win Consistently in Cricket Betting?

Whenever you are betting, whether that is on cricket or another sport, you will want to do so consistently. You can go ahead and place random bets when you are cricket betting, but if you do this then more often than not you are going to end up losing money instead of winning. In order to win at cricket betting consistently, you need to do plenty of research before you go ahead and place your bet. For example, if you are looking to bet on a team to win, you should take a look at the two team’s head-to-head record and then place your bet accordingly.

Are There Any Tips for Cricket Betting?

There are many tips that you can use when cricket betting, and many of them can help increase your chances of landing a win whenever you place a bet. You can bet randomly if you like, but we do not recommend this as random betting without any knowledge often ends up with a loss of money. Whenever you are betting on cricket, you need to look at things such as the head-to-head record, the weather conditions, the type of pitch that the game is being played on, and whether teams will be missing their best bowlers and batsmen. Take all of this into consideration when you go to place a cricket bet, and your chances of winning will increase.