MuchBetter Deposits

MuchBetter, founded back in 2017, is an award-winning e-Wallet that provides its users with an enjoyable and secure banking alternative. In the following review, you will find all you will ever need to know about the MuchBetter wallet and whether you want to start making deposits with MuchBetter at betting sites for cricket.

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A Brief History of MuchBetter

MuchBetter logo MuchBetter logo

When MuchBetter came into being in the UK in 2017, it mainly wanted to focus on the UK market as well as some of the big markets in Europe. They were the ones who actually developed the world’s very first CVV code - that 3-digit code you find on the back of bank cards. They expanded across the world and the MuchBetter app is now available in over 180 countries around the world, and is available in 17 different languages and at hundreds of merchants. Likewise, sites that accept MuchBetter deposits tend to be the best MuchBetter betting sites in India.

How to use MuchBetter

Downloading the MuchBetter wallet app, you will be pleased to hear, is a very simple procedure. If you own an Android device then all you have to do is go into the Google play Store, look for, and download it. If you happen to own an iOS device, then you need to do the same as above, but obviously from the Apple Store. The download should be completed in minutes.

Below we have given you the process that you need to follow to get yourself a MuchBetter wallet:

  1. Once your download has finished, open the app.
  2. Input the personal information that is required such as your full name, address, phone number, email, and date of birth.
  3. Create a PIN number that you will not forget (but do not make it too obvious) and review the details that you provided before submitting your information.
  4. MuchBetter will send you a verification code to you mobile that you will need to input.

N.B. When you next open the app, you will be required to enter your phone number and the PIN that you created. However, after that, you will just have to input your PIN whenever you want to use MuchBetter to make a deposit.

How to Add Money to Your MuchBetter e-Wallet

Once you have downloaded the MuchBetter wallet and created your PIN, you will obviously need to add some money to it so that you can deposit with MuchBetter at the betting site that you have an account with.

You will also obviously need to know how this is done, so this is why we have outlined the easy process below for you:

  1. Log into the MuchBetter app using your PIN and click on the “Top Up” sign.
  2. Enter the amount of money that you want to deposit in your e-Wallet and confirm it.
  3. The app will take into consideration where you are located and then will give you a list of top-up methods that are available in your country.
  4. Choose the method that suits you, input the required personal information and decide how much money you want to add to your MuchBetter e-Wallet.

How to Transfer Money from Your MuchBetter Account

So, you now have your MuchBetter app and now know how to add funds to it, which means that the only thing you need to know now is how to make a deposit with Muchbetter at your betting site so that you can do some cricket betting online. Everything that we have explained so far has been easy to do and making MuchBetter deposits from your wallet to your betting site account is no exception to this.

Below you can find the process of depositing with MuchBetter:

  1. Open your MuchBetter e-Wallet and check that you have significant funds in it.
  2. Log into your sportsbook account and head on over to their “Payments” page.
  3. You will see a list of deposit options, go through them until you come across MuchBetter deposits, and click on it.
  4. Input your account number, phone number, and the amount that you want MuchBetter to deposit, and the money should appear in your betting site account right away.

How to Verify Your MuchBetter Account

Before you can make use of all the features that MuchBetter depositing has, there is a verification process that you need to complete. We know that you probably consider the verification process to be boring and annoying, but it is a necessary evil thanks to all the fraudsters that are about nowadays.

Once again, we have provided you with the process that you have to go through to verify your MuchBetter account.

  1. Log into your MuchBetter app and click “More”, which can be found on the bottom right of the screen.
  2. Click on “Limits” and then click on “Raise My Limits”.
  3. Choose your country of residence as well as the type of document that want to use to verify your identity - you will have a choice of your passport, driving license, or your ID card. It is important that they are not out of date.
  4. Scan your documents following the instructions given by the app. The whole verification process will take a couple of minutes and once you have been verified, you will recent a text message telling you that the verification process has been completed.

What Fees Are MuchBetter Deposits Subjected to?

Before you fully commit to a payment option, there is something that you need to do first and that is check out the fees that you will be charged when you start using it. Obviously, you do not want to start using a payment method that has high fees. So, what type of fees are attached to MuchBetter deposits? This is what we will have a look at now.

One of the main reasons why MuchBetter deposits have become so popular is because MuchBetter has a pretty attractive fee structure. They definitely are much better than plenty of other payment options out there. Sending payments to family and friends and Muchbetter betting sites as well as receiving money from them is completely free. Likewise, sending money to a merchant and receiving transfers from merchants is also free.

When you deposit money into your MuchBetter e-Wallet or MuchBetter betting sites, doing so from a bank transfer or SEPA transfer is completely free. However, if you fund your account using MasterCard or VISA, there will be fees that range from 1.5%-5%, depending on the country you are in. When it comes to the MuchBetter cashout method, there is a 3% fee to pay. For a bank transfer withdrawal.

Although we know you would prefer it if the 3% withdrawal fee did not exist, you should look at it another way. If you are making regular withdrawals from MuchBetter betting sites, it means that you are doing well with your cricket betting.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Making a MuchBetter Deposit at a Betting Site?

Advantages of depositing with MuchBetter at betting sites in India Disadvantages of depositing with MuchBetter at betting sites in India
✅ Simple: Muchbetter deposits are simple and easy ❌ No live chat option: We are disappointed that there is no live chat feature available since some people do not enjoy speaking on the phone and email can take a lot longer.
✅ Transaction history: You will be able to keep track of the money transferred in your Muchbetter deposits
✅ Secure: MuchBetter deposits have the best security around
✅ Reasonable fees: The fees you will be subjected to when making MuchBetter deposits are much better than you will find elsewhere
✅ Widely accepted: The fact that many betting sites accept MuchBetter is a clear indication of their quality

Start Depositing with MuchBetter for Cricket Betting

You only need to look at the popularity of MuchBetter in India to know that it is an e-Wallet that you should definitely consider getting an account with. They are very easy to use, the fees are very reasonable, and there are no safety issues you need to worry about since they use all the best encryption technology. We would prefer it if they had a live chat feature that you could make use of when any issues arise, but we will not hold this against them too much because all other aspects are really good and the best Muchbetter betting sites will provide you with a much better betting experience than many other payment options.

Frequently Asked Questions about MuchBetter Deposits

⚖️ Is Depositing with MuchBetter Legal in India?

Before you go and deposit hard-earned money anywhere, you need to make sure that the company is 100% legitimate and legal. We are happy to be able to inform you that MuchBetter India is a payment option accepted across India, meaning that it is completely legal.

🔐 Are MuchBetter deposits Safe?

MuchBetter India has millions of users across India and there are hundreds and hundreds of merchants that accept it as a payment option. If they were any problems with MuchBetter safe levels, they would not have the popularity that they do. They make use of top-quality technology to ensure your personal and financial data is safe when using them at the best MuchBetter betting sites.

✅ Is Depositing with MuchBetter Widely Accepted at Betting Sites in india?

The MuchBetter payment method is one that you will find at many cricket betting websites that Indians can open an account with. Some of the best MuchBetter betting sites include LeoVegas, 1XBet, Betiton, and 888sport.

💸 Are There Fees for MuchBetter Deposits?

Sending and receiving money is free, but if you deposit money using VISA or Mastercard then there is a 1-5% fee. Also, when you withdraw from MuchBetter India to your bank account, there will be a 3% fee.