Best Toss Prediction | Knowing Who Will Win the Toss Today

What is a toss prediction? Before the start of a cricket match, a coin is tossed to see which captain gets to select who will bat first and who will bowl first. And just like with most things in online cricket betting, you can bet on the outcome of this event! In fact, a lot of people enjoy trying to predict who will win the toss today and "toss prediction" is a popular search on Google. Our cricket betting guide will give you expert tips on other match predictions.

Recommended Sites for Toss Prediction bets - June 2024

Predicting Who Will Win the Toss Today

When you are making a toss prediction on a sports betting site, you will usually have to first navigate to the section of the site covering all the cricket betting markets. At Betway India, the toss prediction section is called "Which team wins the coin toss?"and at Unibet India it is simply called "Toss Winner" which would be where you place your toss bet.

Most of the time the coin toss will precede the first bowl of the match by about half an hour. Of course, this time varies according to circumstances, but it does mean that you need to get your toss prediction bet in early. You can't bet on the toss in live betting once the match has already started as the toss outcome will already be known!

The Best Toss Prediction Odds Online

# Bookie Toss Winner Odds Bonus Go to website
1🥇 Dafabet
1.92 Deposit ₹17,000 and get ₹45,900
2🥈 22Bet
1.91 Deposit ₹10,000 and get ₹20,000
3🥉 LeoVegas
1.91 Deposit ₹10,000 and get ₹20,000
4 Unibet
1.91 Deposit ₹4000 and get ₹8000
5 Betway
1.90 Deposit ₹2,500 and get ₹5,000
Sportsbet Toss prediction odds Sportsbet Toss prediction odds
1.90 Get ₹3,000 Free bets
7 Pure Win
1.89 Deposit ₹10,000 and get ₹20,000
8 10cric
1.89 Deposit ₹10,000 and get ₹20,000
9 4rabet
1.89 Deposit ₹20,000 and get ₹40,000
10 Casumo
1.87 Deposit ₹10,000 and get ₹20,000

The Importance of the Coin Toss in a Cricket Match

toss prediction toss prediction

Before we delve deeper into toss prediction, we would just like to emphasise the fact that it is completely impossible to predict a coin toss correctly. If somebody tells you otherwise, you are looking at a liar. You will always have a 50/50 chance of winning this type of bet. In fact, this type of market is just there for those punters who want a bit of fun.

So, if you ever come across a cricket betting site that is claiming that they can 100% predict the outcome of a coin toss, we suggest that you leave as quickly as you can as the rest of the site definitely won't be worth reading. However, if you want predictions about today's match that can help you, head over to our Cricket Match Prediction section.

What is the House Edge with Toss Predictions?

Most bookmakers will provide toss prediction odds of around 1.90 for either team winning the toss. There are some that will offer lower odds of around 1.80.

As this is a 50/50 scenario, the maths we need to do is pretty easy. We will theoretically end up winning 90 half of the time and losing 100 the other half of the time. This will give us a 5% loss our bet.

If you are confused, the maths provided below will hopefully help to clear things up.

Let us say that we have placed 100 bets of ₹100 with odds of 1.90. In this case, we would get 50 times a win of ₹190 Indian rupees and 50 times a loss of ₹100.

  • Our total pay-out = 190 x 50 = ₹9,500
  • So, we wagered ₹10,000 for a total loss of ₹500.
  • Therefore, we lost around 500/10,000 = ₹0.05 per bet.

In gambling terms, this gives the sportsbook a house edge of around %5.

"N.B: Please keep in mind that odds for a coin toss will always be 50/50. Don’t fall into the toss prediction trap of believing that a team that has lost eight coin tosses in a row are bound to lose the next one, for example. Both teams have equal chances of winning a coin toss."

The Best Toss Prediction Strategy

If you want to bet on the toss winner then Dafabet will give you the best toss prediction odds at 1.92. Or 1.95 if you use Dafabet's OW sportsbook - the best odds available in India. The coin toss itself may not be able to be accurately predicted, however you can still try predict what the Captain might call based on their past behaviour.

We recommend that you bet no more than 10% of your total betting budget on this outcome. You should save the remaining 90% of your budget for other match bets such as who will win the match or other prop bets like who will score the most runs or hit the most fours/sixes.

Advantages of Winning the Toss

Winning the coin toss is very important as the winning captain can give his team a huge advantage before the match has even started. We will take a look at some of these below.

  • Sometimes it might be tricky to read the pitch, so the captain that wins the toss can choose to bowl first so that they have more time to see how the pitch is behaving.
  • When it is obvious that the pitch will crack up and deteriorate as the match wears on, the winning captain will choose to bat first so that his team do not need to bat last on a tricky pitch.
  • If the pitch is deemed to be a batting paradise, the captain that wins the toss will choose to bat first in the hope that his side can rack up a huge total and put a lot of pressure on their opponents.
  • If a team likes to know how many runs they need to win the game, they will always bowl first if they win the toss. Furthermore, there are some teams out there that win a lot more when they are chasing a target instead of setting one.
  • The weather forecast can also have an impact on the decision that the winning captain makes. If the weather forecast is poor and rain is predicted during play, the winning captain will often choose to bowl first as the DLS method that is used for rain-affected matches favours the team that is batting second.
  • Believe it or not, but the team that wins the coin toss increases their chances of winning a test match by around 10% and their chances of winning an ODI by around 4%. This might not seem like a huge difference, but in professional sport, it is an advantage that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is safe to say that in no other sport is a coin toss so important

The Importance of the Toss Varies Depending on the Cricket Format

  • T20 Cricket: In twenty over cricket, the coin toss isn’t as important as the weather and pitch conditions often remain the same throughout the duration of the match. Coin toss winners often choose to bowl first now as the dew that falls later on in the game often helps the team that is batting last. This is because the bowlers will struggle to grip a wet ball. That being said, IPL toss prediction is still a fair bit of fun!
  • ODI Cricket: In 50 over cricket, the condition of the pitch shouldn’t really change that much either. However, some pitches are known to slow down as the match wears on, or dew might be expected to fall when it starts to cool down. If the pitch is expected to slow down, the captain will bat first as timing the ball will become increasingly difficult. If the pitch is expected to remain the same but dew is expected, the captain will bowl first. Therefore, the coin toss is a bit more important than it is in a T20 match.
  • Test Cricket: In test cricket, batting first is often an advantage to the team that bats first as pitches often get harder to bat on as the game wears on. During the fourth and fifth days, there could be variable bounce and extra spin, making batting almost impossible. However, if the surface has a lovely green layer of grass on it at the toss, the winning captain will often opt to bowl first as his bowlers should be able to extract extra swing movement from the pitch. Furthermore, the captain that wins the toss also have to take the weather conditions into account. Therefore, the coin toss can be very important for a test match.

The ICC Might Eventually Ditch the Coin Toss

Since 2018, the ICC have been toying with the idea of ditching the coin toss for test cricket as they declared that the host nations were getting the groundsmen to ensure that the pitch favours their playing style. They were thinking about just allowing the visiting team to choose whether they want to bat or bowl first.

They announced that this would be the case during the 2019 Ashes Series, meaning Australia would always have the choice of batting or bowling first. However, they eventually changed their mind and said that the toss was an integral part of the game.
In the County Championship in England, the away side have the choice to field first if they wish. If they do not want to, the toss will take place as usual.

Today, the coin toss still exists like normal in international world cricket events as well as in the IPL. However, we won’t be surprised if they make some radical changes in the future. Maybe they will just have a coin toss at the start of the series, and then the teams will take it, in turn, to choose whether they want to bat or bowl.

For example, let us say that India are playing England in a five-match test series. A coin toss takes place in the first test and Virat Kohli wins it and decides to bat first. In the second test, England will get to choose and so on. Okay, India will get to choose three times to England’s two, but that is how the cookie crumbles. This is a lot fairer than one of the teams winning five tosses in a row, which has happened before!

Who Will Win the Toss Today?

When it comes to international tournaments such as the Cricket World Cup or the World Cup T20, the coin toss should always remain as it is. It is the fairest way to decide who bats first in a one-off match. As for the IPL, the toss isn't going anywhere. It will always be a bit of fun to get a sense of your game luck with IPL toss prediction in the general mayhem of the great tournament!

Frequently Asked Questions about Toss Prediction

❓ Is There a Live Toss?

Yes, before each match starts there will be a live toss carried out to see which team will bat first and which team will bowl first. In matches that are being televised, there will be a match referee and one of the TV presenters present at the toss. The match referee is there to make sure that the toss is 100% fixed & sure, while the TV present is there to have a quick chat with the captain who will win the toss as well as the captain who loses the toss. It gives us an interesting insight into the thoughts of both captains.

❓ How Do I Make the Best IPL Toss Prediction?

Since there is a 50% chance of the coin landing on heads and a 50% chance of the coin landing on tails, there really is no strategy out there that can help you make the best toss prediction. You have a 50/50 chance of getting toss betting right, so do not get too hung up on finding a way to figure out who will win the toss. Just take a guess and if luck is on your side and you win, then that is the best toss prediction.

❓ Is Toss Betting Rigged?

When you are toss betting, it is natural for you to worry whether it is rigged or not. Unfortunately, as more and more money creeps into the world of sports, match fixing and rigging is becoming more common. Due to the importance of a coin toss, it would not surprise us if people tried to rig it in order to give one side an unfair advantage. However, when it comes to toss betting and making a toss prediction, you have very little to worry about because there is always a match referee present to ensure that everything goes fairly.

❓ Do We Offer a Daily IPL Toss Prediction in our Match Previews?

If you are familiar with our website, then you should know that we offer regular predictions for big cricket matches such as international matches that India are involved in as well as all the IPL matches. We provide you with plenty of valuable information in our previews that you can use when betting on cricket, but this does not include a toss prediction for the IPL toss. The toss prediction boils down to sheer luck, and we are not going to waste your time pretending otherwise.