IPL Betting 2023: Odds, Tips and Best Bookies Online

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is the biggest cricket tournament in the world where ten teams play against each other to lift the prestigious IPL trophy, attracting huge bets from cricket gamblers all over the world. Cricket betting on the IPL has become the pinnacle of cricket betting online with each match seeing more than Rs 4,000 crore or more!

The Best Sites for IPL Betting

If you happen to be new to betting on the IPL, then do not worry because the following guide will tell you all that you need to know about making IPL predictions, IPL odds, and the best IPL cricket betting sites.

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Best IPL Betting Sites in 2022

When it comes to IPL betting, you will find that there are plenty of IPL betting sites that you can open an account with in order to do some IPL online betting. However, just like with most things in this life of ours, not all IPL betting sites have been created equally. In our opinion, there are some sites that are much better for a spot of IPL online betting and these are the ones that you should obviously place your IPL bets with.

So, what are the best IPL betting sites in our opinion? Well, below we have given you a list of sites that we recommend you take a closer look at if you are thinking about placing an IPL bet during the 2023 Indian Premier League:

Top 5 IPL Betting Site Bonuses

IPL betting IPL betting

So, we have just given you a list of the best places for you to go and bet on IPL, but you are now probably wondering to yourself just what it is that makes us declare that these are the best websites for people from India to do a spot of IPL betting. If you are, then do not worry as we are about to explain exactly why these sites stand out over their rivals.

To begin with, they all offer really competitive IPL betting odds, and this is important because if you do not make use of good odds when you are doing some IPL betting, then you are going to be missing out on some profit if you happen to make a winning IPL bet. Also, they all offer a good variety of IPL betting markets, which is important because if you gamble at IPL betting sites that only offer a couple of markets for the Indian Premier League, then you might end up getting bored pretty quickly.

In addition to the above, these five IPL betting sites also offer a quality live IPL betting platform, meaning that you will always have a great IPL live betting experience with them should you decide to place some bets on a cricket match where play has already started.

Above all though, all five of the sites listed above have a quality bonus to welcome new bettors to their website. If you happen to be new to betting on cricket, or any sport for that matter, you should know that sportsbooks have to offer quality bonuses if they want to stay one step ahead of rival sites. An IPL betting site that offers a top bonus that new bettors can claim is one that should see plenty of registrations and find themselves on many best lists - as they have done on ours.

So, let us now take a look at the bonus offers that the five bookmakers that we have listed above have available for their players to claim:


If you decide that you want to do some IPL betting with Betway, then they have a bonus that you can claim where they will be more than happy to match your first deposit 100% up to the value of 2,500 rupees.

Pure Win

If you like the look of this bookmaker and feel that it is the best place for you to do some IPL betting, then you will be able to claim a bonus that is worth up to 10,000 rupees in free bets.

Casumo Sport

If Casumo Sport is the sportsbook that you want to register with, then you can claim a 100% match bonus of up to 10,000 rupees.


If 22Bet looks like the perfect place for you to do a bit of IPL betting, then you will be able to claim a 100% match bonus up to the value of 10,000 rupees.


If Leovegas looks like the cricket betting website for you, then there is a 100% match bonus of up to 10,000 rupees that you can claim.

Before we move on, we would just like to stress that IPL betting sites are changing their Welcome Bonus all of the time because they are always looking for new ways to keep things fresh and ensure that they remain a step ahead of their rivals. Therefore, there is the possibility that the above bonuses are no longer on offer when/if you decide to open an account with them. We do always try to stay updated, but this is not always possible due to how fast things change in the world of sports betting.

Also, before you go ahead and accept a bonus, no matter what type it is, it is imperative that you take the time to read the Terms and Conditions that are attached to it. All bonuses and promotions will have terms and conditions that apply, and it is important that you know the main ones before you start to play. If you do not bother yourself to read the Terms and Conditions then you could end up making an error that will see you forfeit your bonus - which is something you obviously do not want to happen.

IPL Betting Odds

With regard to IPL betting odds, it is vital that you shop around a bit before you make a bet so that you do not end up losing money whenever you win an Indian Premier League wager that you placed. Making a profit with IPL betting is much more than just selecting a team to win or the top batsman, it is also about managing to find the best value for your money.

If you want to be successful when betting IPL, you really must understand how cricket betting odds work. This is vital since IPL odds will change all the time as the game progresses. For instance, after the first innings of a match has finished, the team that started the game as the underdogs might now be the favourites. This shows that the dynamics of the game have changed drastically, and odds on offer will now reflect that.

In the world of sports betting, odds have two main purposes. To start with, they are very handy when it comes to calculating how much you will win, and they can also indicate the chances of a certain outcome happening.

Calculating Probabilities for IPL Betting

Calculating the probability of an outcome happening is something that can be done using a really simple equation:

Probability = 1/decimal odds x 100

For example, if the Mumbai Indians are playing the Chennai Super Kings and the former have been given odds of 1.60 to win, while the latter have odds of 2.20 to win, then using the above equation we would see that the probability of the Mumbai Indians winning stands at 62.5%, while the probability of the Chennai Super Kings winning stands at 45.45%.

Working out the amount that you will win should your prediction come true is really simple. All that you need to do is multiply your odds by the stake that you are going to place.

So, if you opt to place ₹1,000 on the Mumbai Indians to win and they go on to do so, then you will get back a total of ₹1,600 (1.60 x 1000 = 1600). However, obviously you have to take away the stake that you bet since this is not technically part of your winnings. Thus, with the above-mentioned wager, you would land a profit of ₹600. This is called a moneyline bet since you are putting your money on a team to win, but the same rules apply for whatever kind of bet you are placing.

Earlier we mentioned that it is imperative that you look around for the best odds so that you can win as much cash as possible from the same amount staked. You need to always keep in mind that not all bookies offer the same odds for the same outcome.

For instance, if you want to wager on the team that will win the 2022 tournament, then even the best betting sites for cricket will have different odds on offer:

Betway: The Royal Challengers Bangalore are 7.00 to be champions.

Spin Sports: The Royal Challengers Bangalore are 6.50 to lift the trophy.

Casumo: The Royal Challengers Bangalore are 6.75 to be victorious.

So, if you were to place a bet of ₹1000 on RCB to win the whole tournament with Betway, then you would land a profit of ₹6,000. If you made the same bet via Pure Win Sports, then you would make a profit of ₹5,500, while if you place this wager with Casumo Sport you would make a profit of ₹5750.

You might be sitting there thinking to yourself that there is not much of a profit margin difference between the three bets, ₹250-500 whenever you land a winning bet, things will quickly add up. Thus, this is why we stress that it is important to sign up with those bookmakers that offer the best odds.

IPL Live Betting 2022

If you have ever played at a casino on the Internet, then you will probably already know that you can play live casino games, which are games that are manned by real-life dealers and are streamed straight to wherever you happen to be via HD cameras. In the world of sports betting, you have the option of live betting, which is a bet that you place when the match you are betting on has already started.

Due to the popularity of the IPL, you will not be surprised to hear that all of the best bookmakers allow their punters to do some live IPL betting. A bookmaker that does not offer cricket fans IPL live betting is a foolish one because all that is going to happen is that they lose out on a lot of customers because cricket lovers will just decide to take their custom to an IPL betting site that has live betting available.

Since we know that there is a really good chance that you want to do some live betting on this tournament, we have made sure that we do not recommend IPL betting sites that do not offer a quality live betting platform that you can play on.

IPL Live Betting Advantages

The most obvious advantage of live betting on the IPL for those in India is the fact that it gives us a lot more freedom to bet on our favourite sports, which is cricket in this case. Thanks to live betting, you will now be able to make bets at any stage in the game, instead of having to rush to get your bets in before the event starts.

Live betting also gives hedging possibilities to those who did place a bet before the match. For instance, if the team that you put money on to win puts on a big score, then you can put a small amount on the other team to win the match, meaning that you will be guaranteed some type of profit. Or, if your chosen cricket team performs badly and does not put on a very decent score, you can put money on their opponents at the halfway stage to cut any potential losses.

Use the Toss Bias When Live Betting

In a game of cricket, you will already know that there is a coin toss that determines the team that will bat first and the team that will bat second. It is the captain that wins the toss that gets to decide whether his side will bat or field first.

The toss can be a very important part of the match because there are many venues out there where it is an advantage to bat first or field first. For example, if there is a bit of grass on the wicket, then the winning captain will usually opt to bowl first so that they can take advantage of some favourable conditions. Or, if the captain knows that dew will fall in the second half of the match, then they will opt to bowl first because bowling when there is dew around is really hard because the ball becomes wet and tricky to grip.

In the second half of the 2021 IPL that took place in the United Arab Emirates, the team that won the coin toss usually went on to be victorious. Find out all that you can about the conditions and the importance of the coin toss for a particular match, and then you can use this toss bias to your advantage when you are live betting.

Use Average Scores to Your Advantage

Many cricket novices will believe that the venue that the game is being played at does not really matter, but this is certainly not the case. Cricket is the fun sport that it is because different venues offer up different challenges that the batsmen and bowlers have to try and overcome. Some wickets will be like a road and will be a nightmare for bowlers to bowl on, while others will have plenty of variation and bounce, meaning that the bowlers will have the upper hand.

You can get a good idea as to the nature of a surface by taking a look at the average scores that have been scored there in the past. For example, if the average Twenty20 first innings score on a wicket is 200 and the average second innings score on the same wicket is 180, it tells you that it is a pitch that is usually better for batting on first and it is a ground where plenty of runs can be made. When it comes to live betting, you can definitely use the average scores to your advantage.

For instance, if the Chennai Super Kings are playing the Mumbai Indians and you look at the average scores for the first and second innings of a Twenty20 match at that venue and you see a high number for both the first and second innings, then when it comes to doing some live betting, you could put your money on more than 340 runs being scored in total, for example.

IPL-15 in 2022

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) set the schedule for the 15th season of the IPL for the 26th of March until the 29th of May 2022. The whole of the 2020 season of the IPL and half of the 2021 season was played in the UAE, but the BCCI determined that the whole 2022 tournament would be played in India this time. The two cities chosen as hosts were Mumbai and Pune.

IPL Teams 2022

Ten teams participated in IPL 2022. The 2021 edition of this competition had a total of 60 matches, while the 2022 version had 74 matches.

The ten teams were split into two groups of five via a random draw, and each team played 14 games each. They played four sides in their group twice, once at home and once away, four teams from the other group once, and the other team from the other group twice. Once all the matches have been played, four teams will qualify for the Play-Offs, which were made up of the following stages:

Qualifier 1: The teams ranked 1st and 2nd in the group stage.

Eliminator: The teams ranked 3rd and 4th in the group stage.

Qualifier 2: The Eliminator winner and the Qualifier 1 loser.

Final: The Winners from Qualifiers 1 and Qualifiers 2.

Chennai Super Kings

The CSK are, as you can tell from the name, based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. They were founded back in 2008 and play their home games at the M. A. Chidambaram Stadium, which has a capacity of 50,000. They are owned by the Chennai Super Kings Cricket Ltd while India Cements are a major stakeholder. They are coached by the legendary MS Dhoni and have Stephen Fleming as their coach. The CSK are one of the most successful IPL teams, having won the title four times in 2010, 2011, 2018, and 2021.

Delhi Capitals

The DC are based in Delhi and are co-owned by the JSW Group and the GMR Group. They play their home games at the Arun Jaitley Stadium that has a capacity of 55,000. For the 2022 edition, their captain is going to be Rishabh Pant while they will be coached by Ricky Ponting. They have never won this competition, and they appeared in their very first final back in 2020, where they lost to the MI.

Punjab Kings

The PBKS are based in Mohali and is a franchise that is owned by Ness Wadia, Mohit Burman, Karan Paul, and Preity Zinta. They play their home games at the PCA Stadium, which has quite a small capacity of just 26,000. They have never managed to lift the trophy, with the closest they came being in 2014, when they lost to the KKR in the final. In the 13 other seasons that they have played in, they have only made it to the play-offs once. They do not yet have a captain for the 2022 edition of this competition, but they will be coached by Anil Kumble.

Kolkata Knight Riders

The KKR are based in Kolkata and play their home games at Eden Gardens, which has the ability to hold up to 68,000 fans. This franchise is owned by Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla and her husband, Jay Mehta, and actor Shah Rukh Khan. They have gained a lot of fans due to the fact that they are owned by some Bollywood legends. They have two IPL titles to their name, having won the competition in 2012 and 2014. They also once won 14 IPL games in a row, which is a record for the longest winning streak by an Indian team in Twenty20. For the 2022 IPL, they will be captained by Shreyas Iyer and their coach is Brendon McCullum.

Mumbai Indians

The MI are based in Mahrashtra and they are owned by Reliance Industries, which is the biggest conglomerate in India. Since their establishment back in 2008, they play their home cricket matches at the Wankhede Stadium, which has a capacity of 25,000. They are the most successful team in the history of the IPL, having lifted the title in 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2020. When the IPL rolls around, they are usually one of the favourites with IPL betting sites, which is no surprise when they are captained by Rohit Sharma and have Mahela Jayawardene as their coach.

Rajasthan Royals

The RR are based in Jaipur, and they play their home matches at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium, which has a capacity of 30,000. This franchise is currently owned by Manoj Badale and Lachlan Murdoch, and they are captained by Sanju Samson and coached by Trevor Penney. They won the very first IPL back in 2008, but since then they have not had much success, being eliminated in the Group Stage eight times in the last 11 seasons.

Royal Challengers Bangalore

The RCB are based in Bangalore, and they play their home matches at the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium that has a capacity of 35,000. They are owned by United Spirits Limited, and they are yet to choose a captain for the 2022 edition of this competition - they will be coached by Sanjay Bangar. They have not won the title yet, and have finished in second place on three occasions in 2009, 2011, and 2016. They will be hoping to claim their first title this time around.

Sunrisers Hyderabad

The SRH are based in Hyderabad and they play their home cricket matches at the Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium that has a capacity of 55,000. They are owned by the SUN Group and are captained by Kane Williamson and coached by Trevor Baylis. They have won the IPL title once back in 2016, but the best that they have achieved since then is second place in 2018.

Lucknow Super Giants

The LSG are one of the new teams in the 2022 IPL, and they are based in Lucknow. They will play their home matches at the BRSABV Ekana Cricket Stadium, which has a capacity of 50,000. This means that they will have one of the biggest stadiums out of all of the franchises. Their owners are the RPSG Group, and they will be captained by KL Rahul and Andy Flower will be their coach for the 2022 edition.

Gujarat Titans

This is the other new franchies and they are based in Ahmedabad. They will play their home matches at the Narendra Modi Stadium Motera, which has a staggering capacity of 132,000. Not only is this stadium the biggest one in India, but it also the biggest stadium in the world, by quite a distance since 2022. Their owners are the CVC Capital Partners, while Hardik Pandya will captain them, and Ashish Nehra will be their manager.

How to Bet on the IPL

How to bet on IPL How to bet on IPL

If you happen to be new to the world of cricket betting, we are going to go ahead and assume that you are not that sure as to how you would go about making your cricket wagers. If this is the case, then do not worry as we are here to provide you with all the information that you need.

  1. Open up your sportsbook account and check that you have plenty of money in your wallet for the cricket betting wagers that you want to make
  2. If you do not have enough money in your IPL betting site account, then simply go over to the payments method page and deposit some money using one of the banking options that are available
  3. Once you have funded your account if you needed to, go over to the cricket betting section and locate the section that is dedicated to the IPL
  4. Have a look through the various IPL betting markets that are on offer and find one that you like the look of. Select it and it will automatically be added to your betting slip, which will usually appear on the right of the screen
  5. Decide on how much you want to stake on the bet and add the value into the relevant box on the betting slip
  6. When you are completely content with the choice that you have made, click the submit button, and you have just placed an IPL bet with an IPL betting site

Choosing the Right Platform for IPL Online Betting

While there are many IPL betting sites that have a variety of betting markets, they have not all been created equally, which is why we are now going to take the time to tell you what different features you need to keep an eye out for when you are looking for the best websites to make IPL wagers.

Reputation: In the world of sports betting, reputation is something that is of the utmost importance. In such a competitive industry, any IPL betting sites that have a poor reputation will not last very long. Thus, before you go ahead and commit to a bookie that you like the look of, we suggest that you take the time to read some reviews so that you can get a good understanding as to what your fellow cricket fans from India think about it. If you see a lot of negative comments, then we recommend you stay well clear.

Safety: Regardless of whatever sport you are betting on, it is important that you sign up with a safe and legitimate bookmaker. Placing bets on sports is a hobby that is enjoyed by hundreds of millions across the world and billions are bet each year, meaning there is too good an opportunity for scammers to pass up. Many of the sportsbooks that you will come across will be legit, but there are some that were developed with the sole purpose of stealing from you. Thankfully, it is easy to avoid such sites. You should only register with bookmakers that have a license from a reputable gambling regulator such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority.

IPL Markets: If you are signing up with a bookie to do some betting IPL, then it is obviously best if you take a bit of time to see the different betting markets that are available before you complete the signing up process. You do not want to register with a bookmaker and then soon realise that they do not offer enough to keep you entertained. All of the best websites will have a variety of prop bets and all of the regular bets that you would expect - you can find out more about these below.

Bonuses and Promos: As we mentioned above, most bookmakers that you come across nowadays will offer some sort of Welcome Bonus to entice new players to join. A sportsbook that does not offer such a bonus is one that cricket betting fans will ignore, and the end result will be that they end up going out of business. Thus, before you ever commit to an IPL betting site in order to do a spot of IPL betting, you should do a bit of shopping around to ensure that you do not miss out on a quality bonus. Also, you should have a look at the various promos that are on offer for existing players.

Odds: The odds that are on offer is one of the most important features of any IPL betting site because it is the odds that dictate how much of a profit you will make should you make a winning bet. So, before you go ahead and commit to an IPL betting site, do yourself a favour and check out the odds that are on offer. We recommend you use an odds comparison site so that you can easily find the bookmakers with the best odds.

Customer care: It is vital that you sign up with a bookmaker that has solid customer care since there is a good chance that you will need some help at some stage in your IPL betting experience. You definitely do not want to register with a sportsbook that has rubbish customer care and then end up having to jump through fiery hoops in order to get the aid that you need. Therefore, before you go and sign up with a bookmaker, we recommend that you create a mock problem, send it to them, and see what type of response you get. If you get the feeling that they are not fussed about helping you, take your money elsewhere.

Bet on the IPL - Place Your Bets

If you are going to be placing bets on the 2022 IPL, then before you do, we recommend that you take a look at our IPL Prediction blog. Here you will be able to find our predictions for the matches from the 2022 IPL. Our predictions are written by experts who have been following cricket for more than a decade, so they can definitely help to improve your chances of winning the bets that you make at your favourite IPL betting site.

IPL Betting Guide

If you are looking for some great IPL betting tips, then you are certainly in the right place. There are a variety of factors that can have a big impact on the outcome of an IPL game and the more of these that you take into consideration when placing your bets. the better your IPL betting experience should be. Below you can find some very important factors that you should always keep in mind when betting on the IPL. You would be foolish not to take advantage of these cricket betting tips since not only are they extremely helpful, but they are also free.

The Venue

Usually IPL teams play better when they are playing at home thanks to the crowd support and the fact that the batsman and bowlers will be more used to the playing conditions. For instance, some wickets will spin much more than others, and batsmen who have not played on it a lot will struggle. Additionally, if the venue in question is a high scoring one, it might favour an away team if they are the kind of team that does well at high scoring venues when compared to low scoring ones. So, before you go and do some cricket betting, make sure that you do plenty of research first.

The Pitch

If you would like to be a successful cricket bettor, then you have to learn how to read the pitch properly that the match is being played on. You should take a look at what has happened in recent games that have been played on the same pitch as this can give you a decent understanding as to what could happen in the next match. For example, if you are looking to bet on the total number of runs scored in an IPL game, have a look at the past five matches that were played on the same wicket and make your bets accordingly.

The Weather Conditions

Certain grounds will usually have particular characteristics, but the weather conditions on the day can vary quite dramatically. For instance, Eden Garden is a venue where the ball is known to spin, but on particular days it can end up spinning a lot more than usual. Also, when it comes to evening games, you need to take the dew into consideration. When the weather is hot during the day and cools down a lot in the evening, dew will form, which is not good news for the side that is fielding second since the ball will be much harder to grip. So, when placing bets at IPL betting sites, if it is obvious that dew will play a major role, it is wise to bet on the team batting second. Always check out the weather on match day.

Team Form

Before you jump right in and place a bet on a team to be victorious, take a couple of minutes to find out the form that they are in. If a team is on a bit of a winning streak, then this will breed confidence and the players will have more belief in what they are doing and will feel more relaxed. On the other hand, if a team has lost their previous five matches, then they will be short on confidence and will be under pressure to perform, perhaps leading to yet another inept showing. If you do some cricket betting without paying any attention to the form that a team is in, then do not be surprised if you go on to lose your wager.

Key Players

Cricket is obviously a team sport, and the best team often wins, not the team with the best individual players. However, with that in mind, some players are more important than the rest. For example, the absence of quality players such as Virat Kohli, David Warner, or Rohit Sharma will decrease their team's chances of winning. This is why it is important to check whether a team will be missing a number of key players before you go ahead and start placing any wagers on IPL matches.

Find Value Bets

In order to be successful in the sports betting world, you need to learn how to locate value bets. When we say a value bet, we mean a bet that has a better chance of coming true that the sportsbook's odds would suggest. There is an easy equation that you can make use of to figure out whether a wager is a value bet or not and this is:

Value = (Decimal Odds x Assessed Probability) -1

We will now provide you with an example to make it easier to understand. Let us say that we are going to place a bet on a match between the SRH and the PBKS, with the former having odds of 3.00 to be victorious. After you have done your own homework, you feel that the SRH have a 40% chance of winning the game. So, would this be a value bet?

Using the above equation, we would get: (3.00 x 0.40) -1 = 0.2

When you get a value that is above 0, you have yourself a value bet. So since there were odds of 3.00 and our assessed probability is 40%, we actually have a 20% value that the SRH will beat the PBKS.

IPL Prop Betting

When you are betting on the IPL or any form of cricket match, you will be able to place your hard-earned cash on unique aspects of the match. These types of bets are known as prop bets, and they might or might not have a direct impact on the outcome of a cricket game. However, we still recommend that you take a closer look at them because they are the type of bets that can lead to plenty of entertainment. Some examples of the best prop bets in cricket that you will be able to find at IPL betting sites that are worth their salt are:

  • The winner of the coin toss
  • The highest opening partnership
  • The total number of runs scored
  • The most number of run outs
  • Whether a half-century will be scored in a match
  • Whether a century will be scored in a match
  • How the first wicket will fall
  • The number of runs that a team will score in the first over

IPL Betting Markets: A Quick Glance

One of the main reasons why cricket fans in India love to make wagers at IPL betting sites is that there are so many different markets that they can put their money on, as can be seen from the prop betting section above. There are some other popular markets that cricket lovers enjoy betting on, and we are going to take a quick look at these right now.

IPL Top Batsman Betting

There are two types of markets when it comes to the top batsman market. The first one is that you can try to predict the batsman that will finish as the top scorer in the competition. The batsman that ends up as the competition's top scorer is awarded an orange cap. The other one is that you can bet on the player that you think will end up as their team's top scorer for a particular match. Since this is not an easy market to get right, the odds on offer will always be high, meaning that you get a big profit if you predict correctly.

Most Match Sixes

One of the reasons cricket fans love watching the T20 version of the sport is the fact that there are usually plenty of huge hits. It is not unusual to see a ball disappear out of the stadium when you are watching a match in this format. With the most match sixes market, you are simply putting a bet on the team that you think will smash the most sixes in a game.

IPL Top Bowler Betting

Like with the Top Batsman market, there are also two kinds of markets for the top bowler market. The first one is that you can try and guess who will finish as the top wicket-taker when the season comes to an end. The bowler that manages this feat is awarded the purple cap. The second one is that you can try to predict the bowler that will finish as the highest wicket-taker for their team in a particular match. Once again, due to the difficulty of such a wager, you will make a nice profit if you manage to predict correctly.

Man of the Match

At the end of a cricket match, the player that has put in the best performance will be able to claim the Man of the Match award, which is sometimes also called the Player of the Match award. You have the option of placing a bet on the player that you think will put in the best showing and claim this bonus prize. Since there are 22 different players that can be Man of the Match, the odds will always be high for this type of market, meaning that there is a healthy profit available if you guess right.

IPL Satta Bazar: General Tips for Betting on the IPL

Earlier we gave you some IPL betting tips, and now because our aim is to help you to succeed when you are betting on cricket, we are going to provide you with some more satta bazar advice. These are general cricket betting tips, but they can definitely help you when you are placing wagers on cricket at IPL betting sites.

Always do your research: Whenever you are planning to bet on cricket, or any sport for that matter, it is important that you take the time to do as much research as possible. The more information that you have available to you that you make use of, the higher your chances will be of landing a winning bet. If you just jump right in and make a wager without doing any type of research, then do not be surprised if you end up losing money.

Check out predictions: You probably think that you have a lot of cricket knowledge and can form your own bets, and that is totally fine - we respect that. However, we really do recommend that you check out predictions from other cricket lovers because they can help you to place winning wagers. As we mentioned a little earlier, we will have our own predictions for most 2022 IPL matches that have been written by expert cricket writers, so we recommend that you check those out.

How to Choose the Best IPL Betting Site

Above we gave you some things to look out for when you are selecting a sportsbook from a long list of bookmakers, and now we are going to look at features that you need to keep an eye out on when it comes to IPL betting sites. These are what help to separate the best IPL bookies from the mediocre ones.

Quality of Live Betting Features

Nowadays, many lovers of cricket from India love to play live bets, and while the majority of IPL betting sites will have some sort of live betting platform, it is fair to say that they have not all been created equally. Thus, when you are looking for a bookmaker to sign up with, you should check out their live betting features. What you should look for is whether they offer plenty of markets during in-play and that they offer competitive odds. The sites that you will find mentioned on this page all have quality live betting services.

Live Streaming Options

Nowadays, more and more sportsbooks are offering live streaming services to their customers, and punters love such features since they allow them to place bets on a match and then watch the action unfold while following their bet. This is something that will obviously lead to a lot more entertainment because you can live and breathe your wager. When you are searching for sites to sign up with, we recommend that you check out the live streaming service that they have available before you go ahead and make your final decision.

IPL Betting Promotions

Bookmakers make use of bonuses to entice new players to open an account with them, and once they have managed to convince someone to sign up, the next step is to make sure that they stick around. One of the ways that sites try to do this is by offering up a variety of promotions in order to keep things fresh and entertaining. When the IPL is on, many bookmakers will offer their customers a variety of promotions for the IPL. So, before registering with a bookie so that you can bet on the IPL, find out all that you can about the IPL promos that they have on offer for you to claim.

IPL Betting Odds

Whenever you are betting on the IPL, or any other sport, it is vital, as we have already mentioned above, to make sure that you are doing so with the best odds that are available. When you are selecting the best IPL sportsbook for you, it is important that you take the time to look at the odds that they have available because you do not want to register with one that is unfair when it comes to their odds. If you find out that the odds are less than satisfactory, simply carry on with your search elsewhere. There are plenty of great sites out there for betting on the IPL, so you do not have to settle for anything other than the very best.

IPL Betting App

Nowadays, mobile gambling has become very popular in India because many more of us are getting access to the Internet and cheap smartphones. As a result of this popularity, many sites are now putting plenty of time and money into developing an IPL betting app that their customers can download and make use of. If you are into placing bets on the go, then we highly recommend that you sign up with a bookmaker that has their own mobile app. Some benefits of using apps, apart from being able to bet wherever you are, include the fact that apps are a lot quicker and use up less mobile data.

Friendly Features

It is imperative that a sports betting site is friendly to its customers. What exactly do we mean when we say friendly, though? Well, to start with, it is important that the site is easy on the eye. At the end of the day, you do not want to spend time placing bets with a sportsbook that ends up giving you a headache. Additionally, it is vital that navigating around the site is simple because nobody wants to waste time trying to work out how to place bets with a bookmaker that they have just opened an account with. You can be sure that the bookies we suggest to you are all user friendly.

Most Highly Rated IPL Betting Sites

Best IPL betting sites Best IPL betting sites

Above we told you some features to look out for when choosing a bookmaker to bet on the IPL, and we are going to take a look at some sites that we feel are really good when it comes to placing bets on the IPL. Now, we must stress that nobody is forcing you to sign up with any of these sites - we are just giving our fellow Indian gamblers some helpful advice that you are free to take on board or ignore. We have in-depth reviews on this site for all of the following bookmakers, so we will leave a link to those should you wish to find out more about the sportsbook in question.

Betway - Best Live IPL Betting Site

With more than 15 years of experience, Betway has turned into one of the best sportsbooks for betting on big cricket events such as the IPL. Not only do they provide their customers, both new and existing, with great bonus offers and competitive odds, but they also have one of the best live IPL betting platforms around at the moment. When the IPL is not on, you will still find plenty of markets for a variety of other cricket events. They also have an IPL betting app that we recommend you download if you join them.

Find out more here.

Betrophy - Great for IPL Live Betting Options

If you take a look at Betway and decide that it is not the sportsbook for you, then perhaps you should take a look at Betrophy instead. This bookmaker only came into being in 2021, but they have already proved that they are going to be around for a long period of time. In fact, they are already one of the hottest sports betting platforms within India. They are great for live betting, and like to treat their customers to a variety of great bonuses, while giving them plenty of banking options to make deposits and withdrawals.

Find out more here.

Unibet - IPL Betting Site with Live Streaming

Unibet came into being back in 1997, and the fact that they have been in existence for close to 25 years is an indication of just how good they are. A sportsbook that has a lot of issues is one that is going to struggle to last 25 days, let alone 25 years. Not only do they offer plenty of options for betting on the IPL, but they also have a great streaming feature, which is something many gamblers love about them. They also do not skimp on their options for deposits and withdrawals, and have a customer support team that they can be very proud of.

Find out more here.

Casumo - The Most Popular IPL Betting Site with Live Streaming

Aside from Casumo's amazing interface and the wide variety of sports that they have on offer, they are ranked really highly among sports bettors because they are seen as one of the most trustworthy and reliable gambling sites around at the moment. They were founded back in 2012, and it is safe to say that they will be around for many more decades to come. They have the ability to rival Unibet when it comes to live streaming, so perhaps you would like to give them a closer look. Another thing that makes them appealing to gamblers from India is the fact that they have plenty of options for deposits and withdrawals such as PayTM and Net Banking.

Find out more here.

Spin Sports - Best IPL Betting Bonus

This online gambling company first started off as a casino, but in 2017 they decided that they wanted to try their hand at sports betting. This was a very wise move because in the four or so years that they have been in operation, they have gone on to have plenty of success. One of the main reasons why they have seen the success that they have is the fact that they offer a quality bonus that can be used on the IPL - you can claim up to ₹20,000 in the form of a free bet. In addition to their generous bonuses, they also have an IPL betting app that allows you to place bets wherever you are, ensuring that you do not miss out.

Find out more here.

Dafabet - Best IPL Betting Bonus in India

Dafabet has been around for close to a decade, and in this time they have been able to establish themselves as one of the best websites for sports gambling in Asia. When it comes to bonuses, it is safe to say that the bonus that they offer is one of the best around for those who like to gamble on cricket in India. However, they offer a lot more than just a great bonus, that is for sure. They have a wide variety of options for making deposits and withdrawals such as PayTM, Skrill, and Neteller, so you will not have any problem depositing and withdrawing funds.

Find out more here.

888Sport - Best IPL Betting Site with Highest Odds

Established back in 2008, 888sport has become one of the most popular sportsbooks for gamblers in India. Why is this the case? Well, to begin with, they offer some of the best odds for the IPL, and if you have been paying close attention to this guide, then you will already know how important the odds are when it comes to betting on cricket. Aside from their great odds, they also offer a decent bonus, have a variety of banking options for withdrawals and deposits, and have a really good customer care team. All in all, we do not think that you will find much to fault when it comes to 888sport.

Find out more here.

Pure Win - Highest IPL Betting Odds

Pure Win is another online gambling company that started off as a casino, but in 2019 they saw the light and developed their own sportsbook as well. This is a site that was created with the Indian public in mind, so it stands to reason that they offer everything that is needed for a great IPL gambling experience. If you opt to join them on their journey, then you can claim a bonus of up to ₹10,000, but it is not this bonus that helps them to stand out. No, this is one of those sites that has really high IPL betting odds. To make them even better, they also offer popular Indian payment options such as PayTM, GooglePay, and NetBanking.

Find out more here.

LeoVegas - Best IPL Betting App

LeoVegas have won a number of awards for the casino that they have on offer, but they also have a sportsbook that they can be proud of. When it comes to mobile apps, we are definitely not exaggerating when we say that LeoVegas has one of the best apps around at the moment. If you do not believe this claim, then just take the time to download it and you will soon see how right we are. If you decide to sign up with them, you will not have any issues when it comes to choosing a banking option as they have all of the most popular ones available. Also, if you encounter any problems, just get in touch with a customer care agent and they will always do their best to help you.

Find out more here.

Betiton - Best IPL Betting Site for Beginners

Betiton is a relatively new site, having just came into being in 2020, but they have shown us that they are going to be able to make it big in the sports betting industry. If you are a beginner when it comes to betting on the IPL, then we would recommend you open an account with Betiton. Why is this? Well, to start with, they have a very easy site to navigate around, meaning that you will not have to waste time trying to find their IPL section. In addition to this, they have plenty of payment options, great customer care, and offer some enticing bonuses.

Find out more here.

LeonBet Sports - Best IPL Betting Site in India

LeonBet has been in existence for around 14 years now, and they are definitely one of the best bookies for those from India to do a spot of cricket betting. If you opt to open an account with them, then you can make use of a risk-free bet of up to ₹5,000 that you can use on the IPL. To top it off, they have a quality live streaming service, more payment options than you can shake the proverbial stick at, and a customer care team that will stop at nothing to help you out if you have an issue.

Find out more here.

Don't Forget to Check out Our IPL Predictions

Yes, we know that we have already mentioned that we have our own IPL predictions where we try to guess the results of matches, but we just want to mention it once again to make sure that you know about them. At the end of the day, our experts write our predictions with the aim of helping as many of our readers as possible, so the more we mention them, the more people will make use of them and hopefully increase their success rates. You obviously do not have to agree with our experts, but it is always useful to see what others are thinking when it comes to cricket betting.

What is the Indian Premier League?

The IPL is a T20 domestic cricket competition that takes place in India, with the first edition being held back in 2008. Since then, it has gone on to become one of the most popular cricket events, both for players and fans alike. It was originally founded by Lalit Modi, a former vice-president of the BCCI, and it usually takes place in March, April, and May of each year, although that has been a bit hit and miss lately due to the pandemic. In the 2022 edition, there will be ten teams fighting it out for the right to lift the prestigious trophy.

How Popular is the IPL?

To say that the IPL is the most popular domestic cricket event out there is no overstatement at all. Whenever the IPL is on, hundreds of millions of people from across the globe tune in to watch the action. When there is a big IPL match on, a large percentage of India comes to a standstill as cricket lovers across the country glue their eyes to the screen.

The IPL is not only popular for fans, but it is also really popular for players, and this is not surprising considering just how much money they can make from playing in it. The best players can earn around $2 million for just seven weeks of work, which is not too bad if you ask us. The fact that this competition sees all of the top players from across the globe descend on India is another reason why it is so popular - what cricket love does not want to see all of the top players compete against each other for glory?

What is the Twenty20 Format?

In the sport of cricket, there are a variety of formats and one of the most popular ones is the T20 format. This is a limited overs format that sees both teams given 20 overs each to score as many runs as possible. This format has become really popular due to the fact that the batsmen just do their best to smash every single ball out of the stadium as well as the fact that the matches are over within the space of four hours or so - unlike the Test format that can last up to five days.

Brief History of the Indian Premier League

The IPL originated in 2008 and its roots can be traced all the way back to the Indian Cricket League, also known as the ICL. When India lifted the T20 World Cup back in 2007, many saw this as the perfect opportunity to create something great. People had come to adore the 20-over version of the game, and M. S. Dhoni had helped propel the Indian cricketing scene to much higher heights.

Zee Enterprises then bankrolled the ICL, the first franchise-based cricket competition, to make use of this momentum. However, the BCCI were not fond of this. The first edition had teams representing the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and some other main cities, but it lacked the hype, lustre, and the big players to attract a crowd. In fact, most of the players were from Bangladesh and Pakistan, while there were some players from the Indian state level.

Come the end of the first season, it was clear that they did not have the support to carry on with this league. The BCCI could have helped it flourish, but they did not want anything to do with it. They probably found it really annoying that someone else managed to beat them to this great idea. To try and stop young Indians from signing up to play in the ICL, they increase the prize money on offer for other domestic competitions.

The final in the ICL coffin came when the BCCI declared that they were developing their very own cricket league that would go by the name of the Indian Premier League. With the necessary support, they had all that was necessary to make this one of the biggest and best competitions on the world, and that is what they did. The ICL fizzled out and the very first IPL was launched in April 2008.

There was a 7-member board and, in January 2008, they held the very first auction with a budget of $400 million for the franchises. The auction quickly led to the formation of teams from Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Mohali, Jaipur, and Mumbai. In 2010, Kochi and Pune joined the ranks as well. Then in 2022, the Gujurat Titans and the Lucknow Super Giants were formed, meaning that this year’s edition will be played out between ten teams instead of eight.

Frequently Asked Questions about IPL Betting

🥇 What is the Best Betting Site for IPL Betting?

This is not a simple question for us to give you an answer to because there are plenty of great ones available, and every one has something unique that it can provide you with. Thus, you have to decide on the bookmaker that is best for you according to your own personal needs and preferences. You will certainly not be disappointed if you decide to open an account with any of the bookies that we mentioned on this page.

⚖️ Is Betting on the IPL Legal in India?

Although gambling is more or less illegal across the whole of India, there is nothing in the regulations and rules about online gambling since the Indian government are still making us of the Gambling Act that was put in place back when the British were still in charge. Thus, at this moment in time, there is nothing preventing Indian citizens from signing up with an online bookmaker that is not based in the country.

💵 Can I Make Money Betting on the Indian Premier League?

Yes, you definitely can make money betting on the IPL, in much the same way that you can make money bettong on other cricket events and sports. However, with this in mind, making a large profit when betting on sports is not that simple - it is something that takes time and patience. When you are placing bets on the IPL, we do not recommend that you make it your sole aim to win money. We suggest that you just try to enjoy it and be extra happy if you manage to make a bit of extra cash on the side.

🏆Who Will Win the 2022 IPL?

Will the Mumbai Indians win the tournament for a sixth time, or will the Chennai Super Kings manage to regain the title that they won in 2021? We really wish we knew, but it is going to be a tough one to call. If you think that you know, then feel free to place a wager on it using one of the many great bookies that you can find on this website.

👑 Who is the Most Successful Team in the IPL?

The Mumbai Indians are the most successful team in IPL history as they have won the title on five occasions.