Neteller Deposits

Neteller India is an e-Wallet service that allows their customers to receive and send funds to other users in a number of different currencies, including Indian rupees. Most betting sites for cricket accept Neteller deposits and in this review, we will show you to make a deposit at the best Neteller betting sites.

Payment Method Minimum Deposit Maximum Deposit Minimum Withdrawal Maximum Withdrawal Fees Time Process
Neteller deposit Depends on bookmaker Depends on bookmaker Depends on bookmaker Depends on bookmaker No fees from the bookmaker; Fees from Neteller Within 24 hours

About Neteller


Neteller was founded in Canada in 1999 and, in 2004, they decided to move their company to the Isle of Man so that they were close to the European Market. They now have offices in a number of different cities, such as London, Montreal, Sofia, and Vienna, meaning they are able to provide a great experience for customers, no matter where they are. The owners of Neteller, Paysafe Group PLC, are actually also the owners of Skrill. It is now available in over 200 countries and is used by millions of people to send money securely and safely. It is accepted by online retailers, online casinos and the best Neteller betting sites.

Create an Account to Deposit at the Best Neteller Betting Sites

So, if you decide that you are going to make your betting site deposits with Neteller you need to open an account. How do you go about doing it? Well, it is straightforward:

  1. You will first need to open up their site on a mobile or desktop device. Once here, you should click on “Join for Free”
  2. You will then be transported to another page where you will have to enter information such as your email address, the country you live in, and the currency that you would like to use. To avoid having to pay exchange rate fees, we recommend that you choose the same currency that you are using at any online sportsbooks that you have signed up to.
  3. Once you have done this, click “Continue” and you will be transported to another form where you will be required to enter your personal details such as your name, date you were born, gender, address, and phone number. Once you have entered this information correctly, click on “Continue”
  4. You will now be asked to confirm the answers to your security questions. When you are finished from this, click “Continue” and you are now the owner of a Neteller account

You will be shown a screen that gives you your Secure ID and Account ID. We highly recommend that you take a note of these as you will need them in future to log in and make use of your account.

How to Verify Your Neteller Account

You will be subjected to limits on the amount of Neteller deposits and withdrawals you can make if you do not verify your account. We will now outline how you can do this below:

Once you have an account set up, you can begin the verification process by going to settings section. Please note that you must have deposited money into the account at least once in order go forward with this process. We will talk about the different deposit options that are available later on in this review.

In the verification section, locate the “Option 2 Fast“ and select it. You will now be taken to a section where you will be able to upload photos of the relevant documents to prove your identity.

When it comes to acceptable ID, you can use your national ID card, passport, or driver’s licence. If you choose your ID card or driving licence, you need to upload an image of the front and back of it. You are also required to upload an image of yourself holding a piece of paper that has the day’s date on it and the word Neteller”.

Once you have done this, you just have to wait while they check and process your verification.

With some e-Wallets, you will also be asked to verify your address, but Neteller makes use of great technology that is able to verify your address for you. However, this does depend on what country you are from, so if it is not working for you will need to upload some documents that will help prove your address.

The documents that are accepted for address verification are a utility bill or a bank statement. The document cannot be more than 90 days old and must clearly show your name, your address and the logo of the bank (if you chose a bank statement).

"If you follow all the instructions properly, you account should be verified relatively quickly. You will be notified by email when the verification process has been completed."

How Can You Add Money to Your Account?

After you have created a new account, the next thing that you will be required to do is add money to it. There are over thirty deposit options that you can choose from, so we are just going to list ten of the more popular ones below:

  1. Skrill deposits
  2. Astropay India
  3. Paysafecard
  4. Klarna
  5. Trustly
  6. Bitcoin India
  7. Debit/credit card
  8. Euteller
  9. TrustPay
  10. Bank transfer

If, out of all of these options, you decide that a bank transfer is the best option for you, please pay attention to what we are about to tell you. When going through with a bank transfer deposit, you will be provided with the bank details that you need to send your money to. They will also give you a reference number, which you need to add. If you forget to add it, the deposit might not be processed correctly. The funds could appear in your account in as little as one hour or as many as six working days.

Do Neteller Deposits charge Fees?

You always need to take fees into account when you are making a final choice about which banking option to use. There will always usually be deposit fees, withdrawal fees, transfer fees, and exchange fees. So, what are the fees like with Neteller? Well, all is revealed below.

  • Neteller Deposit fees: The fees for depositing money into your Neteller account can be from 1% all the way to 8%. All this depends on the banking method that you use.
  • Neteller Withdrawal fees: Withdrawing funds from your account can cost you 1.9% (capped at the equivalent of 18.53 euro). The most you will ever be charged is the equivalent of 25 euros, which is quite a lot if you ask us.
  • Neteller Transfer fees: If you are looking to transfer some money to another Neteller account, then you will be charged 5%. So, if you are making a 10,000 Indian rupee transfer, you be charged a transaction fee of 500 Indian rupees. If you send money to somebody that has a different currency, the exchange fees will have to be paid by you.
  • Neteller Exchange fees: When it comes to exchange rates, Neteller charges its customers 3.99% on top of the conversion fees.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Making a Neteller Deposit at a Betting Site?

Advantages of depositing with Neteller at betting sites in India Disadvantages of depositing with Neteller at betting sites in India
✅ Complete anonymity: Neteller keeps your transaction history a secret from the bank ❌ Fees: The fees for Neteller can be quite high
✅ Solid security: Neteller gives another layer of security as the betting site will only have the information about your Neteller account, not your Indian bank account ❌ Verification process: Some people might find the verification process pretty annoying
✅ You can send money anywhere: You can send money to whoever you like using just their e-mail address ❌ Live chat is only available to VIP Customers: If you don’t have a VIP account and need help with something, you can only get in touch with a Neteller customer care agent by giving them a call or sending them a message using their contact form or email address
✅ Special bonuses: Some casinos and betting sites give out special bonuses for Neteller deposits

Download the Neteller E-Wallet App

Neteller, just like Skrill, has a great app that you can download on any Android or iOS device. Unfortunately, if you have a Blackberry or Windows phone, there is no app for you just yet.

This app gives you the power to check what your balance is as well as transfer, withdraw, and make Neteller deposits. We have downloaded the app ourselves so that we could test it out, and we found it to be extremely user-friendly. Navigation is easy and you will have an issue carrying out the tasks that you want to do.

Start depositing with Neteller India for Cricket Betting

In our view, Neteller India is great for receiving and sending money online. Wherever you need to send money to, you can be certain that you can do so with absolute ease. We also like the fact that Neteller deposits are simple and broadly accepted at many of the best betting sites, which makes it an ideal payment method for cricket betting online.
We do have an issue with Neteller though, which is the fees that they charge. These are higher than plenty of other options out there such as Skrill and PayPal. However, if you don’t mind the fees that we mentioned, you will find that the best Neteller betting sites to be a very pleasant to use.

Frequently Asked Questions about Neteller Deposits

⚖️ Is Depositing with Neteller Legal in India?

When you come across a bookmaker that you are not too familiar with but one that you like the look of and are considering joining, then you will obviously want to know if it is legal in your country as well as if its payment options are legal and secure. This is a natural thing to wonder and the answer to this question is that Neteller deposits are very much legal.

💳 Does Neteller Accept Indian Debit Cards?

Neteller are more than happy to accept Indians and Indian debit cards. However, you might find that your bank blocks your transaction. This has nothing to do with Neteller, but more to do with the Liberalised Remittance Scheme that limits how much money is allowed to be moved out of India. However, there are some banks, such as the ICICI Bank that seem to be able to get their transactions through. So, if you have an ICICI Bank card you should be fine.

⛔️ Why do Neteller Deposits Not Work in India?

If you are using Neteller from India, then you might find that some Neteller deposits may not go through. The reason for this is probably due to something that is known as the Liberalised Remittance Scheme. The enactment of this scheme means that only a certain amount of money is allowed to leave India each year. The Indian government, as you know, are against gambling, so they tell the banks to reject transactions to betting sites and online casinos. However, sometimes your transactions will get through, especially if you are with the ICICI Bank.

🔐 Is It Safe to Withdraw Money from Neteller in India?

When you come across a new banking method you will obviously want to make sure that it is safe to deposit money into and withdraw money from. If you see feedback about people not receiving their money or their deposits going missing, you will look elsewhere. However, it is completely safe to withdraw with Neteller as they make use of some of the best security technology around.