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The Women's Big Bash League, also known as the WBBL, is the women's version of the Big Bash League, the popular Australian men's T20 tournament. The WBBL used to be played alongside the men's tournament, but as it became more popular, it got its own slot and is now played in October and November. The WBBL is just as popular for betting markets as well. Keep on reading and we will share with you the best tips to get started on WBBL betting.

WBBL Prediction 2021/2022 and Winner Odds

This is our Women's Big Bash League prediction and winner odds for WBBL 2021/22. These odds come from Unibet India, which happens to be one of the best WBBL betting sites around.

Outright WinnerWBBL Betting OddsBet
Sydney Sixers Women
Sydney Sixers Women Sydney Sixers Women
Brisbane Heat Women
Brisbane Heat Women Brisbane Heat Women
Perth Scorchers Women
Perth Scorchers Women Perth Scorchers Women
Melbourne Renegades Women
Melbourne Renegades Women Melbourne Renegades Women
Adelaide Strikers Women
Adelaide Strikers WomeN Adelaide Strikers WomeN
Melbourne Stars Women
Melbourne Stars Women Melbourne Stars Women
Sydney Thunder Women
Sydney Thunder Women Sydney Thunder Women
Hobart Hurricanes Women
Hobart Hurricanes Women Hobart Hurricanes Women

As you can see from the Big Bash League Women betting odds in the table above, the Sydney Sixers and Brisbane Heat are the two favourites to go ahead and win the competition. In our opinion, we feel that these Big Bash League Women betting odds are fair and if we were to put any money on a team to win, we would also opt for the Sydney Sixers to be victorious.

Points Table for the 2021/22 WBBL

The 2021/22 WBBL is in full flow, so below we have provided you with a current points table. We will update this table regularly for you, so you know how well particular teams are doing when you go to do a spot of WBBL betting at the best WBBL betting sites.

1Melbourne Renegades852111-0.024
2Brisbane Heat742190.618
3Sydney Sixers843190.183
4Perth Scorchers742190.150
5Melbourne Stars83417-0.213
6Adelaide Strikers623150.462
7Hobart Hurricanes92615-0.275
8Sydney Thunder72415-0.633
Women Women

The Best Betting Sites for WBBL Betting

When Did the Women's Big Bash Begin?

The WBBL was created to replace the Australian Women's Twenty20 Cup, and the very first edition of the Women's Big Bash League was played in 2015/16. Just like with the men's version, there are eight city-based franchises and they have been branded in exactly the same way that they are in the men's Big Bash League. The eight teams are composed of current and former Australian internationals, some of the best young talent in the country, and up to three overseas players.

Some Facts about the Women's Big Bash League

It is always nice to find out some fascinating facts about big cricket competitions because you can impress your friends with them the next time you meet them for a coffee and a bite to eat. Also, by reading about stats, you can improve your knowledge of the tournament, and this can then be used to increase your chances of landing a profit when you do a spot of Women Big Bash betting. So, since our aim is to help increase your chances of making a profit, below you will see some of the most interesting stats from the WBBL that we could find.

  • On the 9th of December 2017, the Sydney Sixers smashed 242 runs from their 20 overs, which is the highest score that has been scored in the WBBL
  • On the 25th January 2017, the Hobart Hurricanes were bowled out for a mere 66 in 14.1 overs, which is the lowest score ever hit at the Women's Big Bash League
  • Beth Mooney, who has played for both the Brisbane Heat and Perth Scorchers has scored 3,127 runs, meaning that she has the most runs in the history of the tournament
  • The highest score in an innings is 114 from 52 balls, and this was hit by Ashleigh Gardner when she was playing for the Sydney Sixers against the Melbourne Starts on the 9th of December, 2017
  • Molly Strano of the Melbourne Renegades has the most wickets in the history of the tournament with 104. She also has the best bowling figures in one innings thanks to her 5/15 against the Melbourne Stars on the 2nd January 2016
  • In the 2018/19 season, Ellyse Perry of the Sydney Sixers scored 777 runs, which is the highest number of runs scored in a single season of the Women's Big Bash League
  • In the 2016/17 campaign, Sarah Aley picked up 28 wickets for the Sydney Sixers, which is the most number of wickets taken in a single season of the WBBL
  • The longest head-to-head winning streak in the WBBL stands at 11 matches, and this was achieved by the Sydney Sixers against the Hobart Hurricanes

What Teams Compete in the WBBL?

There are eight teams that compete in the WBBL and in the following table you can find out all the important information about them. This includes the state and city they are located in, their home ground, and who captains and coaches each team.

TeamLocationHome StadiumCoachCaptain
Adelaide StrikersNorth Adelaide, South AustraliaKaren Rolton OvalLuke WilliamsTahlia McGrath
Brisbane HeatAlbion, QueenslandAllan Border FieldAshley NoffkeJess Jonassen
Hobart HurricanesBellerive, TasmaniaBlundstone ArenaSalliann BeamsRachel Priest
Melbourne RenegadesSt Kilda, VictoriaCitiPower CentreSimon HelmotSophie Molineux
Melbourne StarsSt Kilda, VictoriaCitiPower CentreJarrad LoughmanMeg Lanning
Perth ScorchersEast Perth, Western AustraliaWACA GroundShelley NitschkeSophie Devine
Sydney SixersMoore Park, New South WalesNorth Sydney OvalBen SawyerEllyse Perry
Sydney ThunderSydney Olympic Park, New South WalesBlacktown ISP OvalTrevor GriffinRachael Haynes

What Is the Format of the WBBL?

As noted above, there are eight teams in the WBBL and each team plays the seven other teams twice, once at home and once away from home. This means that each team will play 14 matches, and each win is worth two points. If there is a no result, then both teams will be given one point. After every team has played 14 matches, the top four sides will qualify for the knockout stage of the tournament.

In previous tournaments, the team that finished at the top of the table after 14 matches would play the team that came fourth for a spot in the final, while the team that came second would battle it out with the team that came third. However, on the 7th of September 2021, Cricket Australia declared that the WBBL would be testing out a new play-off format for the 2021-22 campaign.

The knockout phase will still feature the teams that finish in the top four, but the team that finishes in first place will get an automatic pass to the Final. The team that finishes in second place will go to the Challenger match, where they will face the winner of an Eliminator match between the teams the finished in 3rd and fourth place. The Eliminator and the Challenger match will be played at the home venue of the team that finished second, while the final is played at the home stadium of the team that finished in first spot.

It is important to know the format of any competition when you are thinking about placing bets as it can have an impact on what you bet on. For instance, when it comes to WBBL betting, it is important to know that the team that tops the group will qualify for the final automatically and will play at home, which is obviously a big advantage. Also, the team that finishes top will obviously have a better chance of winning the competition because they do not have to play an additional game or two games in order to reach the final.

What Prize Money Is on Offer?

There used to be a time where male cricketers in Australia would get a lot more than female cricketers, but Cricket Australia has bucked this trend by having the same prize money on offer in the WBBL that is on offer in the men's version of the competition. In the table below, you can find a breakdown of the money that each team receives depending on what their final position is.

Final PositionPrize Money (Australian Dollars)

A Look at Previous Winners of the WBBL

There have been six WBBL competitions to date, and out of the eight teams that take part, only three of them have lifted the trophy. In the following table you will see the teams that won each season, the number of runs or wickets that they won by, and who finished as the runners-up. Once again, this is great information to know when it comes to Women's Big Bash League betting because teams that have been successful in the past are more likely to win the competition once again. So, if you are thinking about placing an outright bet on the Women's Big Bash League, make sure you check out which teams have had success in the past.

SeasonWinnerRunner-upWinning Margin
2015/16Sydney ThunderSydney Sixers3 wickets
2016/17Sydney SixersPerth Scorchers7 runs
2017/18Sydney SixersPerth Scorchers9 wickets
2018/19Brisbane HeatSydney Sixers3 wickets
2019/20Brisbane HeatAdelaide Strikers6 wickets
2020/21Sydney ThunderMelbourne Stars7 wickets

As you can see from this table, the Sydney Sixers, Sydney Thunder, and Brisbane Heat have all won this tournament two times. Below we are going to give you a full breakdown of where every team has finished in the last six seasons. Like with the table above, this information can be very useful when it comes to Women's Big Bash League betting. For example, when it comes to making an outright bet on the Women's Big Bash League, you do not want to put your money on a team that has struggled to compete in the past, or has a habit of losing when the pressure is on.

Adelaide Strikers7th8th4th (SF)6th2nd (RU)6th
Brisbane Heat6th3rd (SF)5th3rd (C)1st (C)2nd (SF)
Hobart Hurricanes2nd (SF)4th (SF)8th8th7th8th
Melbourne Renegades8th7th6th4th (SF)4th (SF)1st (RU)
Melbourne Starts5th5th7th7th8th1st (RU)
Perth Scorchers4th (SF)2nd (RU)3rd (RU)5th3rd (SF)4th (SF)
Sydney Sixers3rd1st (C)1st (C)1st (RU)5th5th
Sydney Thunder1st (C)6th2nd (SF)2nd (SF)6th3rd (C)


  • C = Champions
  • RU = Runner-up
  • SF = Semi-finalist
  • 1st = Ladder position after group matches

So, when it comes to WBBL betting, you could take a look at the above table and see that the likes of the Melbourne Renegades have never really come close to winning, so it is probably not a wise move to put your money on them to do so. The same can be said of the Hobart Hurricanes, who have a best finishing position of 4th place. Whenever you are doing some Women's Big Bash League betting we recommend that you take the time to do some research before you go ahead and place your wagers.

Our Predictions Page Provides Tips for All the Big Games

Some cricket bettors like to jump straight in and start making bets without knowing anything about the teams or the competition that they are putting their money on. Okay, if this is your main cricket betting strategy, then there is a chance you will get a bit lucky and win a few bets, but trust us when we tell you that your luck will not last forever. At some point it will run out and you will start to lose more than you win. This is the reason why we recommend that you have a good look at our prognostics page before making a bet. Our tips will definitely help to improve your chances of winning your bets.