Privacy Policy aims to bring you the best-rounded cricket betting experience with honest and fair sportsbook reviews and exclusive content in the shape of news and free tips on a wide variety of cricket competitions. Below we will provide you with your legal rights as a user of the services that we provide.

1. Definitions

  • We will refer to you as the "user" with the plural form covering the collect term
  • We shall refer to ourselves as "our", "we", and "us"
  • We also refer to ourselves as "public area" when we are talking about the services that are accessible to everyone that visits our site

2. Information Collected from Cricket

Below you will be able to find a clear indication as to how we collect vital information and data to serve the users of our site.2.1 The public area of this site is a hub of interesting information that is set out in a way to give all of our users a clear insight into the world of cricket betting from the best sportsbooks to join to cricket betting tips, to cricket match predictions. As users navigate our site, we can track movements to allow us to see which area of the site are the most popular. This means that we are then able to build a site based around what is popular and what is not. 2.2 If a user wants any personal information then a request can be made from our site. For example, you can contact us through email and provide us with your name and age (for legal reasons), your contact number, and the address that you are living at. The reason for contacting us could be a legal reason (we shall talk about this in part 4.4) or simply because you have a query you would like answered.2.3 We can see the user's I.P address. This has cookies (see section 3.4) which will allow us to see prior site visits and the sites that you go to after you have been on our website. The data collected includes the number of times that you have visited us as well as the time and date. The information gathered can then be used should the user require any assistance. 2.4 When the user willingly submits data it is called "authorized services" as the user has been informed of what is happening and continues to submit their data. The information that we keep will give us the ability to improve the experience of the user and ensure that future visits are even better. The information that could be saved includes date of birth, gender, photo identification, full name, and email address.

3. How Cricket Online Betting Makes Use of Data

Every user of our site will be logged and tracked. The information below provides you with the key reasons as to why we do this.

3.1 Operational Services

Should one of our users contact us using email or in a comments section then the data that is gathered can be used to improve the operational sideof our site, should there be any recommendations submitted by our users.

3.2 Service Improvements

We will use stored date to develop and improve our site as this will reveal the latest trends and will allow us to provide our users with a better cricket betting experience.

3.3 Communications

From the administrative side, data can assist in these areas:

  • 3.1 Helping to resolve any violations, infringements, and user complaints
  • 3.2 Exclusive offers and promotions from cricket online betting or third parties

Every user can decide to opt out of the service (see section 5)

3.4 Tracking Cookie Technology

We use automated tracking software to screen the data below and we will explain why now:

  • 4.1 We provide each user with a bespoke service so that criteria filled in once does not have to be repeated. This includes the likes of usernames and passwords
  • 4.2 It ensures advertisement is customized
  • 4.3 Third-party marketing and monitoring by
  • 4.4 Promotional access, entry submissions, and login status

3.5 Analytics

We use Google Analytics to measure and evaluate our traffic, but we must stress that we do not have an affiliation with Google. We are legally independent of them and vice versa. Google will be able to access measured data, but all personal data is non-identifiable and will only get shared if there is a technical matter to resolve.

4. Disclosure of Information

Disclosing information is done by the user under the following circumstances.

4.1 Unrestricted Information

Should a user leave a comment, then it will be able to be viewed by all parties that are making use of

4.2 Service Providers

To help host and maintain the site, third parties are essential. Third parties will carry out work which will be protected by confidential privacy clauses.

4.3 Non-Identifiable Information

Below are three points that highlight third-party data collection

  • 3.1 Compliance reporting
  • 3.2 Marketing/advertisement
  • 3.3 Habits of users that show services, functions, and content carried out in the public area

Legal Processes and Compliance

Should a scenario pop up where legal matters have to be followed up, users should be aware that we stick to all permitted and juridical laws for all the countries that we offer our services to. We always adhere to our own legal rights as well as the user's. Legal matters can involve the following:

  • Liability claims
  • Abusive acts and fraudulent activity
  • Claims by third parties
  • Security of
  • Contractual enforcement and property protection

4.5 Change of Ownership

Should change ownership, then the data that we gathered prior to the new take over will be passed over to the new owners. They will then continue the same privacy policies that we are following.

5. Your Rights

Users of our site are able to see the data that we keep on them. In order to see this data, you must send us a request. You can also request that the data is deleted or amended. If you feel that you have had your rights neglected, then we suggest that you get in touch with a Data protection Officer and they will help you to build a legal case.

5.2 Analytical Information

Google Analytics is an optional tool that can be turned on or off through your settings. It is a simple and quick process.

5.3 Commercial Suspension

Any email communication can be unsubscribed to. Please note that any communication suspension could take up to ten days before they come into effect. After this, users will no longer receive commercial emails.

6. Third Party Services

We must stress that we cannot, under any circumstance, be held accountable for the actions of any third parties. Though we share restricted data and provide help with service upgrades, a user chooses to use any third party services at their own discretion. Therefore, we suggest that all of users carry our in-depth research on third party members before making use of their services or handing over any personal information.

7. Privacy Shield

The services and practices that we make use of comply fully with the General Data Protection Regulation that was issued by the EU and covers the retainment of personal information and data. If a user has any issues with the General Data Protection Regulation, then the issue must be take up with them, not us.

8. Cookie Functions

  • Importance of cookies - with the help of tracking software you can navigate the main site and experience a more personal service
  • Service performance - Any technical matters can be highlighted which will help to keep a smooth service with few faults or errors
  • Functional cookies - Mapping user's text can create a much better service from our public area
  • Behavioural cookies - Will provide adverts that suit your interests

9. Underage Privacy

we are completely against underage gambling, so we will not interact with those who are not of a legal gambling age. We adhere to all provincial laws and will always take extra measures to ensure that we are not breaking any laws. Should a reader that is using our site be underage, then we implore you to stop making use of our services right away. If you are a guardian or a parent and find out that your child has been using our services, kindly get in touch with us and we will remove their data. However, we cannot guarantee that 100% of the data will be removed.

10. Data Security

When it comes to protecting a user's information and rights, we follow the industry's laws and rules to the letter. Whether it is in the shape of administrative, technical, or physical, we make sure that the necessary safeguards are in place to protect our users from fraud and other unlawful acts. The data is not destroyed intentionally until it has served its purpose of improving our services. Under our storage, nothing is disclosed or altered. Though we take all necessary precautions, we cannot 100% guarantee that no breaches in security will occur, so when users willingly provide information to us, they are doing so at their own risk. If a user feels that their safety has been breached, then they should get in touch with us as quickly as possible. We will always do our best to help in the matter.

11. Data Retention

As formerly stated, data is not destroyed intentionally. All information is kept for a specific period of time and will be stored for any potential legal cases (as mentioned above in section 4.4)

12. Settings and Data Transfer

User settings can have an impact on your privacy and put yourself at risk. Our servers try to cover all measures, but we cannot claim that it is 100% effective. The same can be said of third parties and any software that they use, which is why we cannot be held responsible for any issues that occur with them.

13. Changes to Polices and Updates

Laws regarding privacy are constantly changing, so every now and then you might find that we have adjusted our polices to match recent requirements. Therefore, we recommend that you check this page every now and then so that you can stay aware of all of your legal rights. By reading this privacy policy and continuing to use our services, you are declaring that you have understood and agreed with the terms that we have set out.

We thank you for taking the time to read this.