EntroPay Deposits

As of July 2019, EntroPay India are no longer providing any payment services. This article has been left up for an informational purpose online. If you are looking for other convenient ways to deposit funds into your sports betting site account for some online cricket betting, then you should check out these alternative banking options.

What Is EntroPay India?

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EntroPay was founded in 2003 by Ixaris Systems and it provides its customers with an EntroPay Virtual VISA card that can be used wherever VISA happens to be accepted. EntroPay users can load money on to their Virtual Visa cards using a personal credit or debit card anywhere on the planet, and you can only spend however much you have loaded on the card. It is a simple and quick payment option that is open to all, regardless of whatever their credit history is.

Many people in India make deposits with EntroPay because there are many credit card companies that block transactions that are made directly to betting sites. However, they do not block any transactions that are made to EntroPay, which gives sports bettors a simple way to use their debit or credit cards to bet on their favourite sports such as cricket. Instead of using a card to deposit money at a bookie, simply deposit your money into EntroPay and then make an EntroPay deposit at a betting site. This works all of the time which is the main reason why EntroPay deposits have become so popular.

Creating an Account for EntroPay in India

Obviously, in order to start making EntroPay deposits and an EntroPay betting site, you will need to open an account with them. You will be glad to hear that the process of setting up an EntroPay account is a very simple one.

All you have to do is go to entropay.com and fill out a quick registration form, and your card will be ready right away. You will just have to give them some personal details such as your full name, the country that you are living in, your date of birth, and create a unique and secure password. You do not need to give them your address because the card is a virtual one, so they do not need to send anything to your home.

Once you click on the "Get Your Card" button at the bottom of your registration form, your virtual card will be created, and you will be taken to the next step which is where you can upload some funds to your new EntroPay account.

EntroPay has three different account statuses that you can choose from. Once you have opened an EntroPay account, you will start off on the lowest account status and this is "Starter" level. There is a "Basic" level and a "Premier" level, and the main difference between the three different statuses are the account limits that are in play. By going up a level, you can increase your withdrawal and transaction limits.

If you want to upgrade your account, then you will need to provide them with some extra personal information and complete a quick verification process. We are going to take a look at these verification process right now.

Basic Level Verification

IF you would like to upgrade to the EntroPay basic level, then you will have to verify the email address that you used to open an account, and you will have to provide them with your current address. Once you have handed over these details, EntroPay will check it, and will then upgrade your account if they are satisfied with what you have given them.

Full Verification

If you want to enjoy all of the benefits on offer and upgrade to the "Premier" status at EntroPay, then you will have to fully verify your account before doing so. The required verification documents can be uploaded only through your account - anything that is sent by email will just be ignored. You will need the following documents in order to verify your account with EntroPay:

  1. A copy of both sides of your passport, a driving license, or some other kind of government document. You photo has to show both sides of whatever document you decided to use, and it should be in full colour
  2. A document that can verify your current residential address such as a bank statement, utility bill, or credit card statement that has been issued in the last 90 days

Topping up Your EntroPay Account

You can upload money into your EntroPay account quite easily via a bank transfer or a wire transfer. It will usually take around 2-5 business days before the money is available in your account, and the speed depends on the bank that you have an account with. If you choose the bank transfer option, then you will need to fill out some details regarding your bank account. For example, you will have to provide your bank's location and the currency that you use. Once you have done this, you will be sent all the information that you require to initiate a bank transfer.

Another way that you can upload EntroPay account so that you can start using your EntroPay for cricket betting is via another credit card. The main benefit of this method of uploading funds is that the money that you deposit will be available right away, so you will not have to wait before you can start betting at the best EntroPay betting sites. All you have to do in order to deposit money in this manner is enter your full name, your credit card number, and the amount that you wish to deposit - you can use your VISA, MasterCard, or Maestro card to transfer funds into your account.

EntroPay Fees

When you are looking for a banking option to open an account with, before you go ahead and make a decision, there is one thing that you need to know about, and this is the fees that apply. Therefore, below we have listed the different EntroPay fees that apply when using this payment option.

  • Bank transfer top up: 1.95% of total deposited
  • Credit card top up: 4.95% of total deposited and a maximum of €250 (or the equivalent in your chosen currency)
  • Inactivity fee (after six months): €3.75 (or equivalent in your chosen currency)
  • Withdraw to credit or debit card: €4.50 (or equivalent in your chosen currency)
  • Foreign exchange fee: 2% of total

When you compare EntroPay to Neteller, you will see that the EntroPay charges are quite high. They are also quite high when compared to Skrill, which is another very good EntroPay alternative.

EntroPay Funding Limits

In the tables below, you will be able to see the funding limits for virtual credit cards and your EntroPay account. Some of these limits might be increased depending on your account balance. If you have any questions about the limits that are in play, do not hesitate to get in touch with them.

Virtual CardsMinimum Maximum
Funding transaction value€5€1500
Funding transaction value per month€5€15000
Balance on cardNo limit€4500
Bank TransferMinimum Maximum
Funding transaction value€5€4500
Withdrawal transaction value€5€7500
Withdrawal transaction value per month€5€1500

What Are the Pros and Cons of EntroPay?

Everything in life comes with its pros and cons, so in the table below we have highlighted the main pros and cons of using EntroPay as a payment option.

Advantages of Depositing with EntroPayDisadvantages of Depositing with EntroPay
✅ Accepted all over the world❌ Higher fees than alternative banking options
✅ Has very strong levels of security❌ No live chat function
✅ Great for those who cannot get a standard debit or credit card

As you can see from the table above, there are more pros for EntroPay than there are cons, although the high fees are a con that many might not be able to put aside, especially when you take into consideration that there are many very good alternatives out there that come with lower fees.

What Is the Security at EntroPay Like?

In the table above, we mentioned that they have very good security, and since security is something that is vital when it comes to payment options, we thought that it would be a good idea to take a closer look at the security that is on offer.

EntroPay has a license from the Financial Services Authority in the United Kingdom, which is a clear indication that they take security extremely seriously and that they are a safe payment option for people to use. Your personal data, account log-in details, and money transactions are all protected by a 128-bit encryption and all of your important information and data is protected by top of the range firewalls in a secured network.

Your EntroPay Virtual Visa Card will be created using a cryptographic technology, which is technology that they claim has military-level security. The unique username and password that you choose is not even visible to those who work with the company, and to ensure that there is a high quality of privacy, each person's account data is held separately to their other account data.

EntroPay takes security very seriously and will regularly monitor accounts for any signs of suspicious activities. They also invested in quality technology to protect their users even more, such as VeriSign, one of the world's leading global certificate authorities, and 3-D Secure, which was developed by MasterCard and VISA to make sure that online transactions are even more secure.

A Look at the Customer Support That is On Offer

EntroPay offers their customers support using a variety of outlets. They operate a very secure messaging service through your account that they claim is the best way that you can contact a customer care agent. When you use this method of communication, they claim that your personal and financial information is 100% safe. If you sign into your EntroPay account, you can send a 100% secure email via their Help service. You will receive a help desk ticket and you will then be able to send your query securely.

If you like to be a bit old fashioned, there is a postal address that you can send a letter to if you so wish. There is also a very detailed FAQ section that has a lot of information on various topics. There is no telephone number that you can call, but the other online tools that are available should compensate for the lack of phone number.

However, they do not have a live chat function, which is a bit disappointing in our eyes because they are a very big company. The lack of a live chat option mans that you cannot get your simple queries answered right away by customer support.

Our Verdict

EntroPay offers its users a fast, simple, and safe way to transfer a variety of currencies around the world. The quickness and ease of the registration process, alongside the fact that your credit card rating will not act against you, makes Entropay a very enticing service to many in India. The fact that banks will not be able to block transactions to the best cricket betting sites is another appealing factor. Additionally, the fact that it is a prepaid card means that users cannot get into debt, and this will be appealing to those who sometimes struggle when it comes to not spending money.

However, there is a downside to this payment option, and this is that the fees are quite high when compared to their two main competitors that are Neteller and Skrill. Despite this, we still feel that EntroPay is a great choice of payment options when it comes to sports betting.


Is EntroPay Legal to Use in India?

EntroPay is completely legal for Indians to make use of. You do not have to worry about whether you are breaking any laws when you are using this banking option. We would not recommend a banking option to you if it was illegal to use in India. We are here to help you out, not get you into trouble.

Can I Withdraw Money from EntroPay?

Not only is EntroPay great for depositing money at your favourite sports betting sites, but it is also great for withdrawing any winnings that you are lucky enough to earn. The most that you are able to withdraw per month stands at €1500.

Is EntroPay Safe for Indians?

EntroPay is definitely safe for Indians to make use of. They use all of the best encryption security around, so when you are using this payment method, you definitely do not need to worry about your hard-earned money going missing. In addition, the security technology that they use ensures that none of your personal information is stolen either.

Is EntroPay Accepted at a Lot of Betting Sites?

EntroPay has become one of the biggest banking methods in the world, so you will not be surprised to hear that there are many sports betting sites that have it as one of their available banking methods.