Reverse Withdrawal

In this guide, we discuss the banking method of cashing out, making your withdrawal requests, and how some cricket betting sites will offer up a reverse withdrawal option so you can further bet with it instead. We will be covering all areas on this matter, from manual flushing to what transparent withdrawal processes should look like.

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This is just one of many new online cricket betting features to present itself and we want you to know what bookmakers like Betway India, LeoVegas India, and 888 Sport are up to.

Betting Sites That Allow Reverse Withdrawals

Should you be interested in at least having the option to make a reverse withdrawal, then let’s introduce you to the casinos in India that allow for withdrawal requests to be reversed after initially cashing out.

Popular reverse withdrawal casinos in India:

  • 888 Sport
  • Betway
  • LeoVegas
  • Jackpot City
  • Ruby Fortune

These major casinos often set the trends, and for some players, the effect is of no concern. However, in the realms of trying to get players to better manage what is real money, these trends can be a burden, and this is why they are banned in the UK.

How Does Reverse Withdrawal Work?

Reverse Withdrawal Reverse Withdrawal

To answer this question, we are going to be using Betway as an example.

We will be using their process as a template for all other matching cashing out services. This works with any range of banking options that request the reverse withdrawal process.

Should you be lucky whilst venturing into the world of online gambling, then you may on occasion win some real money. Should this happen, then the common thing to do or should be done is to withdraw that money. This keeps your profits and interests high, rather than throwing it all back into the casino to be lost.

What happens after any withdrawal, for a number of days thereafter, withdrawal requests can be summoned.

In this example, Betway, you can head to the withdrawal option of the casino’s banking page. And action a withdrawal of your balance which is set at a minimum amount of ₹1000.

Once submitted and approved by the casino, you are then permitted time to change your mind and enact the reverse withdrawal option.

Now, this is entirely within a player’s right to do as they wish with the money they fairly won. But some online gambling lobbies and organisations are against this. It’s seen to undermine players, which further encourages them to continue playing for more real money.

Why Would Anyone Reverse a Withdrawal?

The reverse withdrawal is obviously put there by the casino to give players a chance of correcting the withdrawal requests and perhaps deciding against it at that point in time.

There are many subtle trends used by casinos to give players options that seem the best for them but are really there for the sustainment of the casino.

From an administrational sense, it also helps the casinos to cut down on the cost that may come about from bank charges. These are not often seen or known by players, but casinos are charged to use banking services. These charges are, however, not passed onto the players when they withdraw their real money winnings.

When it comes to player benefits, they are pretty vacant. If you perhaps enter the amount in error and wish subtract or add to the total withdrawal value, then it becomes helpful.

Overall, though, it’s not something that should be there when the issues of problem gambling far outweigh the number of people that incorrectly add the wrong amounts to their withdrawal requests.

Manual Flushing

What is manual flushing and what role does it have in the process of a reverse withdrawal?

This is a new buzzword on the scene so it’s no surprise that when mentioning manual flushing, blank expressions are the common result.

The process of a manual flush is done via a direct request with the casino’s Customer Support team. What this does is ‘flush’ the withdrawal from the customer’s account whilst in its approval period. This then eliminates the reverse withdrawal option.

To enact this, it only takes a couple of minutes to contact the support team via live chat.

Once done, you can rest assured that funds are on their way into your bank, so you can enjoy online gambling at another time.

So, are there any further benefits to cashing out your real money winnings and having the option to perform a reverse withdrawal?

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this subject…

Pros and Cons

Pros of Reverse Withdrawal Cons of Reverse Withdrawal
The reverse withdrawal does allow you to make value amendments To offer stops on cashing out can lead to over gambling
The withdrawal requests are offered by all the top Indian casinos online Not helpful to gambling addicts
Saves depositing if you do change your mind to continue playingMay breach code of ethics