VISA Deposits

VISA is one of the most popular deposit methods in the world. How do VISA deposits work? Are VISA Debit and VISA Electron the same? How do you get started? Our guide is about to help you learn all there is when it comes to VISA payments for the best cricket betting sites right here in India.

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About VISA India

Visa Visa

If you want to use one of the most recognised, and reputable banking services that will securely transfer your rupees from bank to sportsbook, opting for VISA deposits is a smart move.

The service already hosts over 29 million Indian account holders. Every one of the best VISA betting sites accepts this service.

The process to make deposits with VISA is very easy.

If you already hold a VISA account, then paying into any of the betting sites that accept VISA here in India is no different from how you make any regular payment online.

With online cricket betting being the most accessed gambling feature online, VISA has the experience to control the assets of millions of players, making fast and numerous deposits every time a match is on.

Create Your VISA Card Account and Deposit at the Best VISA Betting Sites

If you are currently not a VISA account holder, getting set up to become one is very easy. Submitting an application for an account can be done online or physically at either an ICICI Bank, Bank of India, or HSBC Bank, along with many other places.

The processing time when applying for a card takes no time at all, in fact, the postage of your VISA Card out to you will take the longest time. Expect to wait up to 15 days for it to arrive.

Once you have this, you will need to verify the pin of the card. This can be done by either using an ATM or just by purchasing with it.

Once the card is ready, you can use it to make a VISA deposit at a betting site.

If you are one of the many millions that will be using their VISA for cricket betting, then take note that withdrawals become an issue.

This is all because of the financial restrictions associated with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). They make withdrawals problematic when it comes to the VISA service.

It comes down to the fact that the RBI does not like links to any source of gambling because of potential money laundering. Therefore, many players have to combine their VISA with an e-wallet banking service.

Is There a Secure Verification Process?

When applying for both a VISA India account and to join an online bookie, you will have to go through verification processes.

The bank may have to run credit scores and ID checks. The sportsbook will put you through a process called Know Your Customer, a vetting system that all bookies have. You will need to provide proof of ID and residency by photo when applying.

This is to help stop underage gambling, data hacking, and fraudulent behaviour.

Do VISA Deposits Come with Hidden Fees?

Fees are a relative issue across any VISA betting site. Some will place a charge for using VISA, and some will not.

If you happen to register with a VISA sportsbook that does charge, then you can expect fees to be in the region of 2% - 3%.

This is actually the same for those that are using MasterCard services.

A point of remembering is that fees are only ever placed on by the banks and not by the betting sites. If you are to question any charges, the bookmakers cannot provide the exact answers, so you must speak with your bank directly.

The 2% - 3% charge is one of the lowest bank fees for players in India.

What Are the VISA Deposit Limits?

The limits tied to making deposits using VISA cards are different across all sports betting sites online.

Limits change depending on where you play, how new or old the site is, if you are just depositing to play, or making a deposit to claim a bonus.

There are different levels to what should be paid or what can be paid.

For example, many sports bonuses require that you pay 200 rupees as a deposit before you can receive a special welcome bonus. However, if you do not want the bonus offer, you can deposit a lesser amount to just begin playing.

Our advice is to look at the bookmaker’s payment service. Across all sites, in the box where you type in the amount you want to deposit, it will highlight the low and maximum amounts allowed.

"Modern living demands smoother, transparent, and convenient services and Visa provides this."

What Are the Pros and Cons Using VISA Deposit with Indian Betting Site?

Here we look at the reasons that argue in favour of using VISA cards in India sportsbooks and those against using VISA when betting online.

Advantages of depositing with AstroPay Card at betting sites in IndiaDisadvantages of depositing with AstroPay Card at betting sites in India
✅ VISA can offer credit services, so you can play without having the money in your account ❌ While the security is great, your personal details are always going to be attached with payments. This does pose a risk when dealing with online privacy
✅ VISA payments into your betting account are always instant ❌ It can take up to 2 weeks for your VISA card to arrive in the post
✅ VISA account holders get 24/7 Customer Support
✅ VISA offers larger payment limits than most other services

Download the VISA App

Modern living demands smoother, transparent, and convenient services and VISA provides this. If you are using VISA Debit and Credit cards from India and want direct online support and control, the VISA app can help you to manage your account and payment transactions.

Users of any Android, iOS and Windows devices can download the VISA app. This gives you biometric logging in access, instant account services, and a history of transactions.

There is lots of information regarding the latest technology used by VISA on their website:

You can read more about mobile payments, contactless banking, and much more about the overall VISA customer service.

How to Deposit VISA

There are many gambling sites that accept VISA cards in India. Each one on the market will offer you a Welcome Bonus that will require some level of payment to unlock the offer.

The process of depositing using VISA cards on betting sites is very easy.

  1. Register at the sportsbook of your choice.
  2. Fill out your bank details on your account.
  3. Head to the cashier section of the sportsbook and select VISA as your payment method.
  4. Enter your bank card number and the amount you wish to deposit.
  5. Confirm the payment along with the card CVV and account password.
  6. Future payments will only require you to select the amount you wish to pay and enter your CVV. Your card number can be saved by the casino.
  7. Once there is confirmation of payment, you will instantly have the value added to your betting balance.

Should you opt to claim the Welcome Bonus and pay the required amount, you will unlock the offer that can be used instantly.

Casinos offer Responsible Gambling tools that set limits on what you can deposit either daily, weekly, or monthly. It should be considered if you want to have safer management of your money.

You can source more information on this either from our casino reviews or directly at the sportsbook where you join.


❓ Is VISA Legal in India?

Yes. VISA is used by millions of Indian people every day, and just because you are using the service to gamble does not change anything.

❓ Can I Withdraw Rupees Using VISA?

Withdrawing with VISA and other direct bank cards poses a problem. This is because the RBI does not want ties to any form of gambling due to money laundering. It is advised that you register with a third-party banking service that offers e-wallets to handle your withdrawals and to bypass the RBI legally. E-wallet services include companies like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller.

❓ Is VISA Safe to Use in Sportsbooks Online?

Yes. VISA is trusted by over 29 million other Indian users and offers many security features, providing the perfect level of safety. VISA will provide a CVV code, two-way authorisation, biometric security, and you will have a 4-digit security number to validate payments. The only issue is that personal data is attached to payments as a means of identifying the payee.

❓ How Do I Make a VISA Account?

You can register an account by walking into any Bank of India, HSBC, or ICICI, along with other places, or go online to apply for a bank account. Pick the account package you would like, and once approved, it is only a case of waiting for your VISA card to arrive in the mail.