These Huge Accumulator Wins Prove Winning Big is Possible

Huge Accumulator Wins Huge Accumulator Wins

People love making accumulator bets despite the fact that the chances of winning are sometimes next to nothing. Let's face it, there is just something alluring about trying to turn a small wager into a life-changing sum of money. It rarely ever happens, but every now and then you hear a story about how one lucky punter got rich. Below we will take a look at the five of the best accumulator wins to date.

Horse Racing Turned One Fan's £2 into £1.45 Million

In March 2011, Steve Whiteley won the biggest horse racing win ever. The plumbing engineer chose six horses that were racing in the Exeter Tote Jackpot. The horses he chose were Semicolon, Black Phantom, Ammunition, Mr Bennet, Lundy Sky, and Lupita. All six horses won their races and he won £2,035,538. However, taxes were taken off meaning he went home with £1,450,00. Despite his huge win, he returned to work the following day.

One British Man Turned 30p into £500,000

At the beginning of the 2000-01 Premier League season, this Manchester United fan placed a 15-fold accumulator that correctly guessed the winners of the Premier League, League One, Championship, National League, League Two, National League, Scottish League One and Two, and Scottish Championship. He also predicted that Surrey would be the winners of County Cricket Championship, Leicester would be victorious in the Rugby Union Premier League and that the rugby NatWest Trophy would be lifted by Gloucester.

As if this wasn't tricky enough, he decided to make life harder by also adding three individual matches to his accumulator. Thankfully for him, he got those right too. This meant that all he needed to happen to claim half a million was Bayern Munich beating Valencia in the 2001 final of the Champions League. They won on penalties in the end.

Another British Man Wins £223k from a Small Bet

In 2016, an unnamed punter from Burnley in England placed a £5 bet on a football accumulator with twenty-folds. His team's 2-1 defeat (we are assuming that he supports Burnley) to Tottenham saw him win the bet and net a crisp £223k.

While some of his predictions were easy wins, others went down to the wire. For example, a Zlatan Ibrahimovic goal in the 88th minute, a Sheffield Wednesday goal in the 94th minute and a Brighton goal in the 95th minute kept his hopes alive.

This American Showed it's Not Only the Brits Who Can Win Big

An American man who, to this day has remained anonymous, managed to turn $5 dollars into a staggering $305,000. This happened in 2016 when placed a parlay bet on a number of basketball matches. He selected a mixture of college teams and NBA teams. He was left with needing Kansas to win, which they did.

England's 2019 Cricket World Cup Win Lands One Punter £258k

Huge accumulator wins Huge accumulator wins

A Betfair customer put £650 on an accumulator with 12-folds that included England to beat India in their test series and Novak Djokovic to win the Australian Open. All that was left for him to claim his winnings was England to be victorious in the Cricket World Cup.

Us cricket fans all know what happened in the final between England and New Zealand. The scores were tied at the end of 100 overs, and the two teams couldn't be separated by a Super Over either. This meant that England were crowned Champions because they scored more boundaries in the match. Many people thought that this was an unfair way to decide the winner, but this lucky punter didn't care one bit.