T20 Mumbai League Betting

The T20 Mumbai League is a 20 over domestic cricket tournament in India that was created by the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA). The aim of the MCA is to give Mumbai's cricket talents the chance to play in a competitive tournament so that they can develop and promote themselves. It is hoped that this tournament will lead to the unveiling of future cricket superstars, and be a hot venue for online cricket betting. Keep on reading if you would like to find out more.

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What is the T20 Mumbai League?

T20 Mumbai League Betting T20 Mumbai League Betting

The Mumbai League has only been in existence since 2018, which makes it the youngest domestic cricket competition in India. Due to its young age, it is yet to become that popular outside of Mumbai, but many cricket betting sites are already thinking that this is changing. After all, us Indians are crazy about cricket and any new competition is always welcome.

Betting on the T20 Mumbai League

Jay Bista scored 110 from 60 balls on May 25th, 2019, which is the highest score in this tournament so far. In the first season, Shreyas Iyer scored 363 runs in 6 matches at an average of 121.00 and with a strike rate of 153.81. This is the most runs that any batsman has scored in a single competition so far. Dhrumil Matkar picked up 15 wickets in 7 matches during the second season. So far, this is the most wickets that a single bowler has picked up in one season. Shivam Dube took 5/24 on March 13th, 2018, giving him the best bowling figures in a single match. This competition has seen three five-wicket hauls. These were by Dhrumil Matkar (5/32), Badrey Alam (5/28), and Shivam Dube (5/24).

Which Teams compete in the T20 Mumbai League?

Eight teams have competed in the first two tournaments and these are:

  1. AaKash Tigers MWS
  2. ARCS Andheri
  3. Eagle Thane Strikers
  4. NaMo Bandra Blasters
  5. North Mumbai Panthers
  6. Shivaji Park Lions
  7. SoBo Supersonics
  8. Triumph Knights Mumbai North East

Player recruitment

In the other T20 tournaments, an auction takes place before the event starts so that franchise owners can buy players for their team. However, there is no auction for this particular T20 competition. Instead, the owners of each team can simply offer players a contract if they feel that they will be a great addition to their side.

"Each team must have a minimum of 18 players and no more than 20. Furthermore, a player can only play if they are registered with the MCA. There is also a salary cap of 35 lakhs per team."

What Format Does the T20 Mumbai League use?

The eight teams in the T20 Mumbai League are split into two groups of four and everyone plays each other once. The top two teams qualify for the semi-finals, with the teams that finished first in each group, playing the team that finished second in the other group. The two winners then compete in the finals for the right to lift the trophy.

Which Sides Have Won the League so Far?

As there have only been two editions of the T20 Mumbai League so far, there have obviously only been two winners. Nevertheless, we have created a table that shows you the winners and runners-up of each season, what the winning margin was, as well who the player of the series was.

Season Winners Runners-Up Winning Margin Player of the Series
2018 Triumph Knights Mumbai North East Shivaji Park Lions 3 runs Shivam Dube
2019 North Mumbai Panthers SoBo Supersonics 12 runs Prithvi Shaw

Match Predictions for T20 Mumbai League Betting

If you don’t know much about a tournament, you can still obviously place some bets on the matches that are happening in it, but you will be relying solely on luck. You might win every now and then, but you, if truth be told, will probably end up losing more than you win. This is why we highly recommend that you take a look a look at our latest match prediction today before you start. By doing this, you will be able to drastically improve the odds of you winning your cricket bets.